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27 Sep 2011 01:38


Tech: Too social? Spotify and Facebook get too friendly for some users’ taste

  • Not cool. My Spotify account isn’t linked to Facebook, and it’ll stay that way, thankyouverymuch. If I didn’t have an account already, this would prevent me from signing up.
  • A Get Satisfaction user • Venting about Spotify’s Facebook-only signup option for new users. On top of that, Spotify recently started cross-posting what songs users are listening to on Facebook, which might be a little to personal for some people. Whistling Britney Spears while you work? Have a soft spot for Depeche Mode? Now all your friends will know, too. Follow these steps to stop or limit Spotify oversharing. source

15 Nov 2010 10:39


Tech: Social network Path: Like Facebook on opposite day, apparently

  • one The just-launched social network was launched with help from Napster’s other founder, Shawn Fanning. No Sean Parker in Path’s way.
  • two Rather than allowing you as many friends as you can stand, Path limits you to 50, so that (presumably) you’ll limit it to your best friends.
  • three The site does not allow you to do such things as like or comment on photos, publish to other sites, or search for friends. WTF? source

02 Oct 2010 15:00


Culture: “The Social Network” on track to top box office this weekend

  • $8 million made by the Facebook movie in its first day alone source
  • » So how real is it, anyway? Not particularly. Writer Aaron Sorkin took artistic license with the idea of the film. While many of the plot points are true (Sean Parker did leave the company after a cocaine arrest, for example), the tone of many of the characters, as well as the school itself, didn’t match those of the Harvard students who saw the film. And cyberlaw expert Lawrence Lessig, while praising the film itself, took issue with the lessons that Sorkin took from the storyline, both with its characters (“I know Parker. This is not him.”) and with its feel of what makes the Web tick (“Sorkin boasts about his ignorance of the Internet. That ignorance shows.”). The movie is very good and one of the year’s best, but don’t let the wool get pulled over your eyes. It’s fiction based on fact.