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02 Aug 2011 23:23


Culture: Ellen Page’s sexual orientation called into question (again).

  • accusation A blogger with a bone to pick has supposedly “outed” actress Ellen Page out of what they claim is hypocrisy. A post on the obscure site V-Generations makes the accusation as such: “The truth is: Ellen Page is bisexual.”
  • evidence The writer gave diddly for evidence besides a bunch of hearsay and a photo which appears to be of Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore, but could be anybody. For years, Page has chosen to keep quiet about her private life. source

12 Feb 2011 12:21


Tech: Apple’s big plan to combat Android? A smaller, no-contract iPhone

  • problem Apple’s current iPhone is a one-size-fits-all model which has allowed Android to get a foothold in the market with models of varying shapes and sizes.
  • solution? In response, Apple is reportedly planning a smaller iPhone model which – and this is important – wouldn’t require a plan, and would cost less than $200. source

03 Jan 2011 10:42


U.S.: NYC sanitation supervisors: Drinking beer instead of digging out?

  • bad New Yorkers are already upset at the slow pace at which the recent blizzard has been getting cleaned up, and rumors suggest that sanitation supervisors shirked their jobs out of anger over budget cuts.
  • worse The latest rumor going around? Last Monday night, a bunch of sanitation supervisors were sitting around in a car and drinking beer instead of digging the city out of a freaking snowstorm. source

13 Oct 2010 21:49


Biz, Tech: Rumor mill: AOL interested in buying fellow giant also-ran Yahoo

  • Good freaking god, could you imagine? Yahoo and AOL together would be like Scott Baio and Tony Danza doing a sitcom together. It’d be diminishing returns all around. It’d be a sitcom on ABC Family instead of ABC, trying its best to win a smaller audience than either star once had, and the jokes will almost certainly feel old and worn by the time they make ’em. On the other hand, we really like AOL’s current editorial-leaning direction, but Yahoo has not done anything of note since around 2000. AOL would strip Yahoo of most of the extra crap and turn it into a big advertising company. How would this work? And why is AOL acquiring so much stuff right now? And would Tim Armstrong boot out Carol Bartz? We wanna know what Alec Baldwin thinks of all this. source

19 Sep 2010 10:55


Tech: Rumor mill: Facebook’s building a phone, we scoff and stuff

  • rumor Facebook is reportedly working on their own phone, according to TechCrunch. The guy behind the iPhone app is one of the reported principals on the project.
  • skepticism Phones are a lot different from friends. Is Facebook really suited for this? And with all the privacy problems they’ve had, would anyone trust them? source

22 Jul 2010 11:24


Tech: Rumor of the day: Apparently, T-Mobile might get the iPhone

  • 80% chance of Apple moving beyond AT&T (eh) source

27 Nov 2009 15:38


Culture: What you need to know about Tiger Woods’ car crash


01 Sep 2009 22:22


Politics: Someone’s spreading vicious Glenn Beck rumors with domain names

  • Notice: This site is parody/satire. We assume Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a young girl in 1990, although we haven’t yet seen proof that he didn’t. But we think Glenn Beck definitely uses tactics like this to spread lies and information.
  • A note at the bottom of (that’s a mouthful) • A site designed to spread vicious rumors and lies about everyone’s favorite unintentional comedian. We’re not sure if we particularly like the idea of this site, but we do find it interesting as all get-out. What a bizarre freaking name for a Web site. (Update: It’s inspired by this.) We just like saying it because it’s so over-the-top. • source

08 Aug 2009 11:06


U.S.: Obama’s weekly address: Defendin’ his health care stance

  • In this week’s address, Obama tried to dispel rumors about the health care plan that seemed to focus on little details: “This isn’t about putting government in charge of your health insurance; it’s about putting you in charge of your health insurance.” source

01 Aug 2009 22:53


U.S.: Is Sarah Palin getting divorced? Bloggers say yes, her camp sez no