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19 Sep 2010 10:55


Tech: Rumor mill: Facebook’s building a phone, we scoff and stuff

  • rumor Facebook is reportedly working on their own phone, according to TechCrunch. The guy behind the iPhone app is one of the reported principals on the project.
  • skepticism Phones are a lot different from friends. Is Facebook really suited for this? And with all the privacy problems they’ve had, would anyone trust them? source

19 Mar 2010 08:44


World: Skeptic calls guru’s “I’ll kill you on live TV” bluff, walks away alive

  • The immediate goal I have is to stop these fraudulent babas and gurus. I want people to make their own decisions. They should not be guided by ignorance, but by knowledge.
  • Indian Rationalists’ Association skeptic-in-chief Sanal Edamaruku • Regarding the attempt by Pandit Surender Sharma, a well-known tantric guru, to kill him on an Indian TV show. Clearly, since he’s talking about the experience, he survived, and he’s ready to gloat: “He was over, finished, completely destroyed!” Edamaruku, whose goal is to push Indian mysticism out of society, has built up the Indian Rationalists’ Association to 100,000 members over the last 25 years. He’s not a playa, he just crushes a lot. source

25 Dec 2009 19:40


23 Nov 2009 10:55


Politics: Expert: The University of East Anglia blew the e-mail smear campaign

  • The UEA response has been frankly pathetic. It was informed by Real Climate of the hack on 17 November but only reacted two days later when journalists caught on to the story. It refused to confirm whether the emails were accurate or not and, for a long time, refused to comment at all.
  • Climate Outreach and Information Network founder George Marshall • Discussing the University of East Anglia’s weak response to the hacked e-mail controversy despite the fact that the e-mails don’t reveal any sort of conspiracy. He argues instead that it’s merely been integrated into longstanding skeptic opinions. “The speed with which the emails have been cut apart and fed into existing storylines is remarkable,” he notes. He also notes the timing is extremely suspect. source