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04 Aug 2009 11:05


Sports: Why it rules to be Florida coach Urban Meyer

  • $24 million to coach the Gators in football for six years source

21 Feb 2009 19:41


Sports: New York Giants: Yeah, Plaxico probably isn’t coming back

  • We’ll prepare as if he’s not going to be here, and if he is, it’s a bonus.
  • Jerry Reese • New York Giants general manager, on Plaxico Burress’ status. The Super-Bowl-winning wide receiver has been a giant question mark since he shot himself in the leg at a New York nightclub, then got charged with a felony for the (admittedly pretty stupid) deed. • source

01 Feb 2009 11:40


Biz, Culture: NBC’s not feeling the recession when it comes to football

  • $206 million in ad sales for the Super Bowl, a record source

22 Jan 2009 08:33


Sports: How’s Tom Brady doing with that knee injury?

  • Anyone who’s come back from injuries that require surgery, it’s just a process. There’s some good days, some bad days, and you just got to keep plugging through them. That’s life.
  • Tom Brady • The New England Patriots’ star quarterback, on his recovery from season-ending knee surgery. The Patriots have missed him; after an undefeated 2007 regular season, they went 11-5 in 2008 but missed the playoffs. • source

19 Jan 2009 00:54


Sports: Who’s got the better Vegas odds for the Super Bowl?

  • points, the spread favoring the Steelers over the Cards source

19 Jan 2009 00:48


Sports: Kurt Warner, back in the Super Bowl again

  • I want to say Arizona Cardinals and Super Bowl in the same sentence. The Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl. How about it?
  • Kurt Warner • Arizona Cardinals quarterback. He was the Super Bowl MVP nearly a decade ago for another unlikely set of champs, the St. Louis Rams. • source

19 Jan 2009 00:44


Sports: Guess who’s going to the Super Bowl?

We know what you’re thinking: Where are the Lions? source