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29 Jan 2012 21:05


Biz: Why does the FDA keep seizing imported orange juice?

  • 14% of all foreign orange juice is apparently tainted source
  • » The seized OJ contained a banned fungicide: The Food and Drug Administration has had to step up its orange juice-seizing lately, because a common fungicide called carbendazim, which, mind you, is safe in small amounts, is showing up in some of the imported orange juice. (Initially, this was reported to be a blanket ban, though the FDA says they’re only testing orange juice.) Here’s the kicker, though, from FDA spokeswoman Siobhan DeLancey: “We don’t feel that this is a safety problem. This is more of a regulatory issue.” So basically, they’re seizing a crapload of OJ because it’s got a chemical that is apparently being poorly regulated. You would assume it’s dangerous to consumers, but it’s not. Wait … we’re not following this.

12 Jan 2012 10:37


U.S.: Why the heck did the FDA ban orange juice imports, anyway?

  • what Acting upon concerns first noted by the Coca-Cola company, the Food and Drug Administration banned imports of orange juice until further notice, which on its face sounds pretty dramatic.
  • why The beverage maker noted to the FDA their concerns that illegal fungicide might’ve gotten into the supply. High levels are unlikely, but the measure is precautionary. Sorry juice fans. source

16 Nov 2010 11:05


World: Blackout-in-a-can Four Loko getting stink eye from FDA

Now the FDA’s getting involved in stopping this menace. It’s all fun and games until someone mixes a lot of caffeine and a lot of alcohol into one can. source

10 Nov 2010 10:23


Culture: FDA’s graphic cigarette warnings: Poorly-designed, depressing

  • There are many many others that the FDA wants to put on the sides of packs of cigarettes, and some are amazingly depressing. The problem with these labels is that the design of many of these looks downright amateurish, like they just got a bunch of random stock photos to use. Would a marketing campaign make more sense? We sense a meme coming on. source

04 Mar 2010 10:41


U.S.: Fans of open letters and the FDA regulating stuff, read this

  • Food and Drug Commissioner Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg rips hard on labeling. In case you find food labels a little misleading sometimes, this open letter by Dr. Hamburg should warm your heart. They’re going after companies who didn’t listen to the FDA’s mandate on food labels, and could take food off shelves if companies don’t listen. “To address these concerns,” she wrote, “FDA is notifying a number of manufacturers that their labels are in violation of the law and subject to legal proceedings to remove misbranded products from the marketplace.” Ouch. You feel that? That’s the regulatory hammer. source

06 Feb 2010 09:58


U.S.: The FDA wants to make serving sizes on food actually realistic

  • If you put on a meaningful portion size, it would scare a lot of people. They would see, ‘I’m going to get 300 calories from that, or 500 calories.’
  • University of North Carolina nutrition professor Barry Popkin • Regarding the possibility that the FDA could change serving sizes to match how people actually eat food. Some foods have serving sizes of just an ounce or a cup despite the fact that people eat far more than that. A serving of cereal is just three-quarters of a cup, despite the fact kids often eat two cups. The serving sizes were based on studies of how much people ate in the 70s or 80s, but often suggest unrealistically small servings. This is a good idea. source

30 Jun 2009 00:56


Biz, U.S.: Could NyQuil go off the shelves? The FDA’s debating it

Blame a bunch of idiots who OD on acetaminophen. The agent, a key ingredient in Tylenol, causes people to overdose if taken in too high of doses – but those doses aren't far from the labels' recommended doses. Using numbers from a study published in the 1990s, the FDA is trying to ban drugs that mix acetaminophen with other drugs. Like half the cold remedies out there. source

11 Jun 2009 20:48


Biz, U.S.: Up in smoke: The tobacco industry is gonna get FDA-regulated

  • The vote In a historic Senate vote, with just 17 votes against it, Big Tobacco will see its cancer-causing product get treated just like a drug. The house already passed a bill We’re sure a bunch of cigarette industry lawyers are freaking out right now.
  • The details On top of the longtime TV and radio advertising ban, flavored cigarettes (besides menthol) will be banned entirely, along with print ads in youth-oriented publications and cigarette vending machines in non-adult-oriented places.
  • Public opinionIs this a good thing? Depends on who you ask. The tobacco companies of course hate it, and wellness groups love it. But some say the FDA isn’t up to the task, considering how nuts their last six months have been. source

13 May 2009 23:34


Biz, U.S.: Cheerios’ health claims are a little too blatant for the FDA

Cheerios claimed in too big of type it was heart-healthy for the FDA’s liking. General Mills says the claims of healthiness are accurate. source

21 Feb 2009 16:58


Tech, World: Those Pirate Bay defendants sure know how to party!

We somehow feel less awesome after seeing this photo. They raised the bar again. source