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27 Nov 2010 11:33


Tech, U.S.: The U.S. government gets bolder with its anti-piracy actions

  • 70+ illegal torrent sites shut down by the Feds; single tear source

17 Apr 2009 08:51


Tech, World: The Pirate Bay lost their spectrial, but they’re not ready to give up

  • We see this as a film. This is the first set-back for the heroes. … In the end we know that the good guys will win, as in all movies.
  • Peter Sunde • One of the defendants in the spectrial in Sweden. A guilty verdict was brought down today, but there still seems to be plenty of swagger in the steps of The Pirate Bay’s owners, who plan to appeal. The site is still up, by the way. • source

01 Apr 2009 22:00


Culture: We’re totally watching the leaked “Wolverine” flick tonight

That’s right, the new Hugh Jackman star vehicle is totally on the Internet a month early. And we have no morals. source

30 Mar 2009 10:50


Tech: The Pirate Bay makes stealing copyrighted stuff even easier!

  • Facebook + Torrents = Lawsuit waiting to happen. Not that you couldn’t search for stuff on The Pirate Bay easily before, but the Swedish dudes who like tweaking authority have made it even easier, by allowing you to share torrent links on your Facebook profile. If you click the link in Facebook, you download the torrent directly. If only buying software was this easy. source

03 Mar 2009 10:36


Tech, World: The Pirate Bay spectrial in Sweden nears its end

  • You’ve given us good memories, guys. Between the scenes, the partying and the defense of what you’re doing, you have proven that, yes, copyright trials can be entertaining. And no matter what happens next, we’ll remember this spectrial as the most special couple of weeks our our lives. Good luck, guys. We hope you get a torrent of love. source

21 Feb 2009 16:58


Tech, World: Those Pirate Bay defendants sure know how to party!

We somehow feel less awesome after seeing this photo. They raised the bar again. source

20 Feb 2009 14:58


Tech, World: 80% legal? This Pirate Bay spectrial claim is a head-scratcher

  • He did a survey, seriously Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, a spokesman for the torrent tracker, took the stand today at their Swedish copyright infringement trial, and said that a survey of 1,000 torrent links on the site showed that 70-80% of all torrents were legal. Furthermore, YouTube, he claimed, had more pirated material than The Pirate Bay, despite the name of his site being, well, “The Pirate Bay.”
  • Fitting nicely with claims The “spectrial,” still the most entertaining thing happening in the world right now, has up to this point favored The Pirate Bay, but who knows if this claim will change anything. It does play nicely into the defense’s claims that the Web site is a tool with tons of legal uses. Give ’em credit; they’re already more clever than Shawn “Napster” Fanning ever was. source

17 Feb 2009 23:49


Tech, World: Things are looking up for The Pirate Bay in their spectrial

  • This is a sensation. It is very rare to win half the target in just one and a half days and it is clear that the prosecutor took strong note of what we said yesterday.
  • Per E Samuelson • Defense lawyer in The Pirate Bay’s trial in Sweden. The Torrent tracker now only faces charges of “assisting making available copyright infringement,” as the prosecution could not prove the torrent files were specifically tied to The Pirate Bay. • source

16 Feb 2009 11:05


Tech, World: Curious about that Pirate Bay trial?

  • The Spectrial site is kind of overloaded, but … … you can get updates through other sources, including Twitter. Anyway, Day One of the trial just ended, and it was a bit of a media circus in the morning, though it calmed down later in the day. Check out this site to see the latest on the trial of the century (well, it is if you’re a mad hax0r). source