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04 Apr 2011 14:03


World: TEPCO begins draining radioactive water, tries to find major leak

  • lesser evil TEPCO has begun releasing thousands of tons of radioactive water into the ocean, freeing up space to store the much more dangerously radioactive water they now have to contend with, a release of which would be much worse.
  • square one Dye was used to determine the location of a leak of highly contaminated water, which TEPCO has fought for days. They didn’t see it in the ocean outside, meaning the leak is not where they’d been trying to plug the past couple days. source

26 Aug 2010 02:08


World: Wikileaks has the CIA freaked out again over new leak

  • These sorts of analytic products – clearly identified as coming from the Agency’s ‘Red Cell’ – are designed simply to provoke thought and present different points of view.
  • CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf • Trying to play down the importance of Wikileaks’ latest leak, “What If Foreigners See the United States as an ‘Exporter of Terrorism’?,” a three-page 2001 classified document  from the CIA which sounds like a barnburner of a read.  It’s no Afghan War data dump or anything, but it does cover something about Baruch Goldstein, a U.S. citizen who moved to Israel and set off a bomb that started a trend of car bombings. That’s something, we guess. source

01 Aug 2010 11:37


U.S.: Michigan’s oil spill: Do oil-industry regulators lack teeth?

  • 800k gallons of oil flooded Michigan’s Kalamazoo River this week
  • yes regulators had warned the owner of the leaky pipe to fix it
  • yes the owner of the pipe just ignored the regulator (great job!) source

18 Jul 2010 22:03


U.S.: Oil spill: Ahh, crap. There’s a leak in the sea floor somewhere

  • earlier BP sounded confident enough in their cap’s holding abilities that they actually talked about leaving the cap in place.
  • now There’s word that the ocean floor has a leak somewhere that’s depressurizing the oil well. In other words, crap. source

06 Jul 2010 11:25


U.S.: Will the U.S. press charges against Wikileaks source Bradley Manning?

  • YES about time; he has been detained since May source

11 Jun 2010 14:58


Tech: Gawker/Goatse Security/AT&T/Apple update: Something happened

  • yes Gawker was contacted by the FBI as part of an investigation into that 3G iPad data leak thang.
  • unlikely The chance that the FBI has a case; Goatse Security grabbed their info from a public site. source

09 Jun 2010 22:02


Tech: “Gawker,” “iPad” and “Goatse Security” forever linked after tonight

Gawker found out that AT&T had a major iPad security hole which exposed the personal e-mail addresses of military officials, celebrities and executives. Oy vey. source

04 Jun 2010 01:18


U.S.: Did BP get a cap on that pipe that caused the oil spill?

  • yes The robots successfully got the pipe capped off, after many trying days and one stuck diamond saw.
  • but Unfortunately, it may not be enough to stop the spill, even temporarily. It’s too soon to tell. souce

14 May 2010 20:06


Tech: iPhone-gate: Steve Jobs called Gizmodo personally to get it back

  • Here’s how we imagine the call went: “Hi, this is Steve. You sons of #&((@& better give me my #(&@(&! phone back or I’m going to hit you with a legal thrust so hard you’ll cower the next time you see an Apple product. I hope you die of malaria, Brian Lam. There will be no net that wannabe philanthropist Bill Gates can give you that will protect you from MY wrath. You should see what I did to Eric Schmidt after he released the Nexus One. You’re the scum of the earth. Do what you know you should, #(&(@!(. BYE.” source

12 May 2010 10:24


Tech: Ho-hum: Another iPhone 4G prototype found in the wild

This one showed up in Vietnam and apparently was further along in the design process than the one lost in the Silicon Valley bar. It uses Apple’s A4 chip. source