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20 Oct 2010 22:20


U.S.: Pilot to TSA: I’m not getting in a full body scanner – and you suck

  • I just kind of had to ask myself ‘Where do I stand?’ I’m just not comfortable being physically manhandled by a federal security agent every time I go to work.
  • Expressjet Airlines pilot Michael Roberts • Explaining why he chose not to get in the full-body-scan machine on his way into work one day last week. This is kind of a bold stand to take, and it plays into the whole spiel that Gizmodo pushed around the time of the Underwear Bomber, which is that the Transportation Safety Administration offers the wrong kind of resources in the wrong place, and that stronger intelligence is better than forcing everyone to take off their shoes. Glad to see a pilot agrees. source

16 Jun 2010 20:43


Tech: Know what’s missing from iPhone pre-sale stories? Credit for Gizmodo

  • 600k iPhones 4s sold in the first day of online pre-orders (whoa)
  • 10x more early demand for the phone than last year’s iPhone 3GS
  • no of course they didn’t give Gizmodo any freaking credit source

14 May 2010 20:25


Tech: iPhone-gate: Gizmodo declined Jobs’ offer for business reasons

  • Right now, we have nothing to lose. The thing is, Apple PR has been cold to us lately. It affected my ability to do my job right at iPad launch. So we had to go outside and find our stories like this one, aggressively.
  • Gizmodo Editorial Director Brian Lam • In a written response to Steve Jobs after Jobs called. Lam wanted Apple to give him a written note saying the phone was real. Jobs declined, and the rest is history. This is bad for Gizmodo (and Brian Hogan) because the letter makes it clear that they put personal interests above doing the right thing. It sounds like extortion, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be crazy if this was enough to take Gizmodo, a major site, down? This makes it seem entirely possible. (A good summary of the legal documents is here.) source

14 May 2010 20:06


Tech: iPhone-gate: Steve Jobs called Gizmodo personally to get it back

  • Here’s how we imagine the call went: “Hi, this is Steve. You sons of #&((@& better give me my #(&@(&! phone back or I’m going to hit you with a legal thrust so hard you’ll cower the next time you see an Apple product. I hope you die of malaria, Brian Lam. There will be no net that wannabe philanthropist Bill Gates can give you that will protect you from MY wrath. You should see what I did to Eric Schmidt after he released the Nexus One. You’re the scum of the earth. Do what you know you should, #(&(@!(. BYE.” source

29 Apr 2010 20:59


Tech: Brian J. Hogan: Some townie sold Gizmodo the iPhone prototype

  • Steve Jobs will see you in his office, STAT. Hogan, 21, found the iPhone prototype at a bar and later sold Gizmodo the device thinking it would be reviewed. Earlier, Hogan had a friend attempt to get the phone back to Apple, but reportedly didn’t try very hard. After that, he and others working with him made the rounds among journalists, asking for money, including Wired (which broke the story). Gizmodo took the bait. And the rest is this guy’s infamy. source

26 Apr 2010 20:48


Tech: Three things you should know about the Apple/Gizmodo investigation

24 Apr 2010 12:07


Tech: Steve Jobs and Co. not letting that lost iPhone thing go

  • yes There is an investigation regarding the lost iPhone that showed up on Gizmodo earlier this week.
  • no Gizmodo has yet to be contacted in the case. But there could be criminal action in the case. source

19 Apr 2010 20:38


Tech: Was Gizmodo’s iPhone prototype score worth it? Seems so

  • $5,000 the amount Nick Denton paid source
  • 26,000 number of tweets the post has as of this writing source
  • 3 million number of hits the post got today – holy crap source

19 Apr 2010 11:04


Tech: Gizmodo says that iPhone lost in a bar isn’t fake, but actually real

  • The phone was remotely killed. The Daring Fireball dude says he called around and believes Apple lost a prototype. iTunes recognizes it as an iPhone. It uses MicroSIM, which no phones use (but the iPad 3G does). Most importantly, the guts of the phone are all labeled “Apple.” Holy crap. This is major. This may be the biggest leak to ever get out of Apple. source