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12 Dec 2009 17:14


Music: Near the end: Our Saturday Mixtape decade roundup hits 2008

  • 1. “What’s gonna happen to you?” As we noted in last week’s mixtape, Plants and Animals was going to be a part of our 2008 list, too. And “Bye Bye Bye” may only be the second best song with that title, it’s certainly a  close second.
  • 2. Cut Copy’s attempt to synthesize New Order into something fresh and new worked surprisingly well for 2008. The record, “In Ghost Colours,” got a little beat heavy, but when they mixed the beats with pure pop, like on “Feel The Love,” it worked better than good.
  • 3. It’s funny how different you feel about an album after a year. A year ago, we felt like Titus Andronicus’ “The Airing of Grievances” was a great album, sure, but not one of the best of the year. But we kept finding ourselves coming back to it – repeatedly. Ragged but by no means dull, these Jerseyites bring passion to every chord they touch, especially on “Titus Andronicus” (the song).
  • 4. Fellow Jerseyites The Gaslight Anthem also brought pathos with them on “The 59 Sound,” but they brought it with a little more punk and a lot more Bruce. The Killers’ attempts at Bruceisms were misguided, but they also paved the way for Gaslight’s success, so we’ll give them a break.
  • 5. We were really torn about putting Atlas Sound over Deerhunter in this spot. Ultimately, Deerhunter won. It’s because Bradford Cox’s full band has amazing singles even if their full records don’t hold together as well as his side project. At least that’s our take on the world of Bradford Cox. Anyway, “Nothing Ever Happened” is simply sick.

07 Nov 2009 13:37


Politics: The speech we missed Sarah Palin give on election day 2008

  • It’s been just 68 days since that afternoon in Dayton, Ohio, when Sen. McCain introduced me as his running mate. He is truly the maverick. My fellow Americans, tens of millions of you shared our convictions and gave us your votes. And I thank you for your confidence. We were facing tough odds and formidable opponents.
  • The words of 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin • In a speech she would have given had John McCain won the presidency last year. Palin didn’t get to give a losing speech, either – McCain’s handlers decided it was best to let the old man handle the loss himself. If the former Alaska governor had given a losing speech, she would have said this: “I wish Barack Obama well as the 44th president of the United States. If he governs America with the skill and grace we have often seen in him, and the greatness of which he is capable, we’re gonna be just fine.” This is painful to look at now, considering how dirty American politics have gotten. • source

14 Aug 2009 11:07


Biz, U.S.: Need twenty bucks? Ask these super-rich guys for a loan

  • $702.4 million the amount Blackstone Group LP’s Stephen Schwarzman, made last year, largely from the vesting of equity grants
  • $557 million the amount Oracle’s Larry Ellison, made largely from exercising stock options; both are hot-shot company founders source

20 Mar 2009 20:37


U.S.: The U.S. Postal Service is trying to recover from such great lows

  • -$2.8 billion losses the post office suffered in 2008; it’ll be worse in 2009 despite an increase in the price of stamps to 44¢ in May.
  • -5.2 billion fewer pieces of mail got shipped last quarter from the same period a year ago. Officials say it could get worse; layoffs are in the works. source

18 Mar 2009 21:24


Culture: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno wanted a “Re’love’ution” with Ron Paul

Cohen’s “Bruno” wanted some man-on-man lovin’ with the Libertarian icon for his new movie. LOL. source

12 Feb 2009 10:42


Biz, U.S.: Today’s scary number: Homes hit a 30-year low in value

  • -12.4% fall in home prices during 2008 source

27 Jan 2009 10:22


Culture, Sports: The gender gap: Who watches the Super Bowl?

  • 45.8 million viewers were over 18 and male in 2008. In case you forget, the Giants/Patriots game was the most-watched Super Bowl in history, with over 97 million eyes glued to the tube.
  • 37.7 million viewers were over 18 and female – a percentage of the viewership that’s increased steadily over the last decade. Surprisingly, though, the advertising doesn’t reflect it, according to AdWeek. source

19 Jan 2009 21:18


U.S.: Before the inauguration, Obama honors an old foe.

  • There are few Americans who understand this need for common purpose and common effort better than John McCain. It is what he has strived for and achieved throughout his life. It is built into the very content of his character.
  • Barack Obama • praising the guy he beat to a bloody pulp in the November election • source

02 Jan 2009 00:07


Music: The top-selling album of 2008

Lil’ Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” sold 2.87 million copies. source

01 Jan 2009 23:57


Music: Digital track downloads way, way up

  • 1.07 billion track downloads, up 27% from last year source