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22 Nov 2011 14:10


Culture: How much would you pay for a Twilight wedding gown?

  • $799 price tag to buy a wedding dress from Twilight source
  • » Talk about high-end merchandising! To be clear, according to CostHelper, this wouldn’t fall into the upper range of wedding dress prices; $500-$1000 would be considered “mid-range.” The gown is being sold in sizes from women’s 0-30, which is nice, as not everybody who might want to dress like Kristen Stewart therefore inherits her svelte-ness. We admit a broad ignorance of weddings and romantic vampire-related fiction, so we’ll turn it over to you — anybody excited to wear a Twilight-inspired wedding dress? It is a nice looking dress, we’ll say that.

31 Jul 2010 10:03


24 Jul 2010 11:07


Politics: Chelsea Clinton’s wedding upsetting her parents’ political allies

Were you invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? If so, you know her personally. If not, you’re one of the thousands of hangers-on to her mom and dad. source

06 Jun 2010 12:00


Culture: The odd couple: Elton John sang at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding

  • somehow, Limbaugh has been married four times. The radio-show gabber drew a diverse set of guests for his marriage to Kathryn Rogers over the weekend, including James Carville, Fred Thompson and Sean Hannity (OK, maybe not), but the most diverse guest was the musical act. Elton John was reportedly paid $1 million to sing “The Bitch is Back” to the audience. Considering his show’s theme music, you’d expect him to grab The Pretenders. But no. source

13 Sep 2009 22:52


U.S.: The Yale grad student story – slowly getting more disturbing

  • Tuesday Annie Le, a Yale grad student who was supposed be getting married this weekend, went missing after going into a school building.
  • Saturday Bloody clothes were found in the ceiling, and other details came out, including an abruptly-canceled class Le was to be attending Tuesday.
  • Today On the day of her wedding, a body was found inside a wall in the building. Investigators say it’s probably her. source

09 Aug 2009 11:47


Offbeat: Neigh now or forever hold your peace: Two horses get married

Zippy and Magic are such a cute couple. We would totally dig seeing that bride attempt to throw the bouquet. source

27 Jul 2009 00:19


Culture: This viral video is the best PR Chris Brown’s gotten in months

  • Yo, Chris. It’s been a tough year for you. But your PR spin opportunities are finally starting to take hold. All you need is a couple of videos like this (along with maybe a couple more videos like this one) for people to forgive you for your sins against Rihanna. Seven million people have watched this video for the song, and they didn’t even think about the Grammys. (It helps that the people in this wedding are particularly talented.) source

06 Jun 2009 10:19


Music, Offbeat: A born-again hooker weds a born-again rocker. Hey, why not?

  • bride Former Las Vegas prostitute Annie Lobért founded the organization Hookers for Jesus, which tries to convince prostitutes that there’s a better way to live.
  • groom Oz Fox, guitarist with the Christian hair metal band Stryper, best known for albums “To Hell With the Devil” and “In God We Trust,” married Lobért last night. source

07 May 2009 21:36


Music: They’ve been silent, but: Lots of good news on the White Stripes front

  • marriage Meg White, the half of the White Stripes that only has one main gig, is getting married to fellow Detroit rock royalty – Jackson Smith, son of Patti Smith and Fred “Sonic” Smith (the late MC5 guitarist). White has been married once before – to the guy mentioned in the box to the right.
  • music Jack White, the half of the White Stripes that appears to always be working, recently noted in an interview that the band will be getting back together soon to record a new album, to come out next year. Good thing too – after their last tour went kaput, the band’s future seemed hazy.

04 May 2009 22:18


World: Large-scale bloodshed spoils a Turkish wedding

  • 45 were killed in an apparent blood feud between families source