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03 Apr 2010 16:27


U.S.: Easter Bunny leaves unfortunate surprise for Des Moines kids

  • cute Kids across the country are hunting for wonderfully-colored Easter Eggs. It’s a fun alternative to iPad unboxing for non-nerds.
  • not cute Some of those kids, in Des Moines, Iowa, happened to find a body during their hunt. We’ll save the dark humor for later. source

23 Feb 2010 10:48


Offbeat: We’re breaking our AP boycott because this story is just too weird

  • Weird: Woman decides to get head cyrogenically frozen. Normal: The woman changes her mind and wants her body kept intact. Super-strange: The company in charge of doing it is putting up a huge legal fight to keep her head for some stupid reason. Alcor, BTW, is the company that played baseball with Ted Williams’ body parts.

13 Sep 2009 22:52


U.S.: The Yale grad student story – slowly getting more disturbing

  • Tuesday Annie Le, a Yale grad student who was supposed be getting married this weekend, went missing after going into a school building.
  • Saturday Bloody clothes were found in the ceiling, and other details came out, including an abruptly-canceled class Le was to be attending Tuesday.
  • Today On the day of her wedding, a body was found inside a wall in the building. Investigators say it’s probably her. source

07 Jun 2009 10:48


Culture: Classy: A Thai newspaper prints David Carradine death photos

  • His family is very upset about the photos. Body photos of Carradine, who might’ve died in a disturbing, accidental way, were apparently shown in a Thai newspaper. His family, clearly upset, has threatened to sue. Beyond the photos, Carradine’s family asked for assistance from the FBI in the case. Lawyer Mark Geragos, who works for David’s brother Keith, explains: “All we really know is not much more than what the public knows, and that’s disturbing.” source