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22 Nov 2010 10:35


Tech: Netflix prices streaming-only subscription in very desirable way

  • good Netflix added a streaming-only option to their popular subscription service (about time!). It suggests that they’re at a point where streaming is the focus.
  • bad For people who still want the DVDs (and their boyfriends to mail them when they go to work), your subscription price is likely going up about a dollar. source

01 Feb 2010 20:35


Biz: The Adventures of Newsday Customer No. 36: We’ve been counted!

  • In response to a question, Terry said that we had approximately three dozen subscribers who have signed up to pay $5 per week for access to
  • Cablevision President of Local Media Tad Smith • In a memo regarding Newsday’s plan for subscriptions and Cablevision’s overall media strategy. Sure, he’s full of it and then some, but we have to admit we got a kick out of the fact he noted our subscription in the note. We’re No. 36! We’re No. 36! source

01 Dec 2009 22:23


Biz: Dear Google: Don’t bend to newspaper publishers so easily. It’s not cool.

  • First Click Free = Massive Fail. OK, we get it guys. Rupert Murdoch complains really loudly and he’s starting to scare you into believing other publishers might be next. But why are you putting your tail between your legs and creating technology designed to limit how much people can read without registration or subscription? Rupert Murdoch’s complaining doesn’t scare us. “First Click Free,” however, totally does. The very idea goes against everything your company stands for. Retreat, Google, retreat. source

22 Sep 2009 11:07


25 Mar 2009 10:14


Tech: Like Not in the U.S., U.K. or Germany? This will upset you.

  • 3 monthly subscription fee in all other countries. Free ride’s over. :( source