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20 Dec 2009 10:17


Biz: Target plays the Grinch over some Zhu Zhu Hamsters

  • 7 Target workers lost their jobs over a stupid $8 toy source

25 Nov 2009 11:20


Politics: Swag report: This Black Friday, buy G.O.P. crap from the G.O.P.!

The Republican Party just relaunched its store, where you can buy this GOP elephant. It’s only 5″ tall but costs $35. Perfect for your Young Republican! source

16 Oct 2009 16:16


Tech: The iPhone App Store’s new free app policy is a win-win for all

  • We’ve always been big supporters of the freemium model, but an upsell from within your free app is just so much easier than trying to get your users to the app store again to purchase your premium version.
  • Inedible Software co-founder Eddie Marks • On Apple’s new policy to allow in-app purchases on free apps. Why is this a big deal? Well, a few things: Software makers only have to get one app approved, as opposed to two (if they’re selling a game), it fights piracy of full apps, and it’s easier to upsell from within the app as opposed to forcing people to go to the app store again. • source

01 Sep 2009 11:06


Offbeat: Consumer rage: Angry guy drives into a store that wronged him

CAR RAGE. This dude flipped over an unshipped mattress. And he was drunk. This is a great way to kill a clunker, by the way. source

12 Aug 2009 21:50


Biz, Tech: If Best Buy lists a HDTV for $9.99, you can bet it doesn’t cost $9.99

  • $1699.99 the usual cost of a 52-inch Samsung HDTV at Best Buy
  • $9.99 the price it was listed at this morning; nerds freaked source

03 Jul 2009 21:08


Tech: Not even Apple Stores in nice ‘hoods are safe from shootings

  • But … but … this is where we bought our iPhone! An Apple Store in Arlington, Va. (where literally, we bought our iPhone) was the scene of a random shooting. An employee was injured after a man came into the store and attacked the woman. The area it happened, so posh that a popular YouTube video makes fun of how street it isn’t, was such an unlikely spot for a shooting or robbery that customers thought boxes were falling down. On the plus side, the store was packed but the employee was the only one hurt. source

25 Apr 2009 00:03


Tech: You mean we’re the one billionth iPhone app? *fistbump*

Bump, an awesome idea for an app, was the billionth iPhone app downloaded. A lucky 13-year-old kid won, BTW. source

22 Apr 2009 22:01


Tech: Apple says no, you can’t shake babies on your iPhone

Apple removed a charming application from its App Store called “Baby Shaker.” And it’s not Shaker, the religion. source

07 Apr 2009 10:36


Tech: Five differences between the Nintendo DS and DSi

  • one The DSi has an SD card slot, in case you want to jam out to your favorite whiny Emo songs while gaming.
  • two There’s multiple cameras on the DSi – both to shoot pics of you and your imaginary buddies.
  • three Like bigger screens? Of course you do! The DSi has two 3.25-inch matte (not glossy) screens.
  • four The DSi now packs the DSi Store, an App Store-style wi-fi download store, which is pretty awesome, kids.
  • five Sadly, there’s no GBA slot, so if you have some old-school games around, you’re screwed. source

16 Jan 2009 12:44


Biz: Could anything be salvaged from Circuit City’s closing?

  • A minor glimmer of hope. Despite the forthcoming closing of the No. 2 electronics retailer in the country, an investor could still come to save the business. Otherwise, they’ll start liquidating, with an end date of March 31. Their Canadian business will remain open.
  • An online business? Circuit City does about $1 billion in online-only sales, and there’s still a chance they could come back as an online retailer. “This would eliminate overhead costs, vendor conflicts and other issues,” said Love Goel, CEO of Growth Ventures Group, an investment banking firm. source