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18 Nov 2011 00:50


Culture: BuzzFeed: Trendsetters or plain ol’ geniuses?

  • Surprisingly, this isn’t an Occupy post: Do you think Ryan Gosling was robbed of People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title this year? Well, these protesters do, too. Our pals at BuzzFeed started a whole petition to promote Gosling to his rightful place. Today, protesters met outside of People’s NY HQ with chants, signs and masks. We are the 99%, indeed. source

05 Mar 2010 12:06


World: Chile’s earthquake death toll kind of a fluid, imperfect thing

  • 802 number of people reported killed by the quake on Wednesday
  • 279 updated number of people reported killed by the quake on Thursday
  • wtf? Chile claims that the old toll counted people who were still missing source

28 Feb 2010 10:09


World: Chile earthquake: Lots of people lost their shelter in the quake

  • 1.5 million people displaced by the Chile quake source

20 Nov 2009 23:08


World: Sick: Peruvian gang kills people for their fat for some reason

  • “We are not making this up. They have confessed to this. That’s what’s coming out now.” In case you’re Peruvian and were wondering where your fat friend went recently, it’s possible that he’s one of 60 people who may have been killed for his fat. Four gang members were arrested in the incredibly bizarre scheme, which reportedly netted them $15,000 per liter of fat from European labs. We smell a plot to a horror movie. source

17 Nov 2009 20:09


Biz, U.S.: Rich people are all, like, sorry about those offshore accounts

  • 14,700 people nailed by the man source

06 Oct 2009 09:40


World: Conservatives in the U.K. want everyone to “feel the pain”

  • £7 billion in budget cuts by cutting from just about everyone big time source

03 Oct 2009 10:50


World: The Indonesian quake could be even worse than imagined

  • 3,000 people may still be trapped in rubble; yikes source

18 Jul 2009 11:41


U.S., World: It’s a giant party on the International Space Station right now

  • 13 people on the station; imagine it’s kinda like House Party 2 source

01 Jul 2009 23:29


Biz: Deciding furloughs weren’t enough, Gannett lays more people off

  • 1,400 employees will disappear into the nether-regions source

24 May 2009 10:54


Politics, World: Sri Lanka needs to deal with the mess it made during the war

Yo, Sri Lanka – see all these Tamil people stuck in displacement camps? This isn’t cool. Take care of this. Now. source