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21 Aug 2010 21:03


World: Somebody stole a Van Gogh painting in Egypt for some reason

  • $55 million value of some earless dead guy’s painting source

05 Jun 2010 17:59


Music: Psh, Modest? Portland solidifies place as America’s most indie city

  • Modest Mouse is a cool band and all but we think we’re not alone in thinking that this painting of lead singer Isaac Brock currently on Portland Mayor Sam Adams’ wall is more than just a little bizarre. source

04 May 2010 23:25


Culture: Some guy buys a Picasso painting worth more than some GDPs

  • $106.5
    for Picasso’s “Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur (Nude, Green Leaves and Bust),” which is the most any rich jerk has ever paid for a painting in the history of ever source

21 Dec 2009 21:08


Offbeat: Hot stuff in the art world: This 94-year-old former recluse

Carmen Herrera, formerly of Cuba, has been painting for nearly 60 years. She sold her first painting five years ago, and now crazy arthounds can’t get enough of her. source

26 Sep 2009 15:12


Culture: The original goths don’t look happy with their legacy

American Gothic” looks like an embarrassment for the featured couple – Grant Wood’s sister Nan and his dentist, Dr. Byron McKeeby. source

05 Sep 2009 14:09


Culture: Banksy painted over: A famous work of art callously destroyed

  • We never wanted to make money out of it like many do – but it was a part of our lives. Now it’s gone.
  • Sofie Attrill • Who owns a building on which famous English grafitti artist Banksy painted a notable piece of art. The art, which showed up on the single for Blur’s “Crazy Beat”, was painted over by a local government. They needed her permission to paint it over, but sent letters asking for permission to an ancient address. By the time that Attrill caught the painters, it was mostly destroyed. Idiots. • source

18 Aug 2009 22:52


Offbeat: Thank you for scarring our eyes: Bea Arthur painted nude

We don’t want to travel down that road and back again. Daily Beast, your heart may be true, but you’re not a pal or confidante. (The link’s not NSFW; the art is.) source