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28 Sep 2010 10:21


Culture: Study: Agnostics and atheists know more about religion than you

  • what A new Pew study suggests that atheists and agnostics know more about religion than their Christian counterparts do.
  • why Higher education is part of it, but some of it might be a lack of self-examination of faith by those who have already converted.
  • butNot every religious group has this problem – Jews and Mormons rank nearly as high as agnostics or atheists in understanding. source

27 Aug 2010 13:39


Politics: Poll: Muslims like Obama more than anybody else

  • 78% of Muslims give Obama high approval
  • 63% of atheists and agnostics do the same
  • 24% of Mormons think he’s the bee’s knees source
  • » Most Christians are mixed: As Christian-based religions go, Mormons aren’t alone in their dislike of Obama; just half of Catholics approved of him and 43 percent of Protestants did. Jews were another group that greatly approved of Obama, with 61 percent giving him love. Other non-Christian religions largely approved of him too. Despite this, it’s worth noting that he’s down in every religious category listed, but none more than Mormons, where he’s fallen by 19 percent.

27 Jul 2010 21:24


U.S.: Overturned: Warren Jeffs has a bunch of reasons to smile tonight

Maybe you remember this guy. Maybe you don’t. But Warren Jeffs is the known polygamist who just had his key conviction overturned by the Utah Supreme Court. source

28 Jun 2009 22:53


Tech: Waaay behind the internet curve: BYU finally allows YouTube access

  • In an attempt to block unpure messages, they blocked a useful medium. Brigham Young University, that bastion of the Mormon life, blocked the video-sharing service because they felt that too much offensive material – like, you know, Keyboard Cat – showed up on the site. (Oh, and bandwidth issues, but whatever. Everyone says that.) BYU, which has incredibly strict moral standards, finally relented after professors complained about their ability to use the site’s heavy amount of educational material. Now, if we can only convince the Amish to drive cars … source

19 Mar 2009 20:51


Culture: Implying sex is enough to get libraries to ban the “Twilight” series

  • Torn feathered pillows, bruises and a sore jaw. That’s all. The “Twilight” books, which are actually pretty conservative in their handling of sexual tension, are generally considered teen-friendly books. But in Utah, one parent complained to the local library about a passage in “Breaking Dawn” where it was implied that the main characters had sex while married. That was enough to get it banned. Ironic part: Author Stephenie Meyer’s a devout Mormon. And the books promote chastity. source

12 Mar 2009 21:30


Culture: This is what happens when you create a show about polygamy

  • Obviously, it was not our intention to do anything disrespectful to the church, but to those who may be offended, we offer our sincere apology.
  • HBO • In a statement about their show “Big Love” and its portrayal of an endowment ceremony within a Mormon temple. Well, mayhaps, but you’re still airing the episode, aren’t you? So, even with the apology, you’re still getting boycotted. Good job! • source