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17 Jul 2009 08:28


Sports: Ryan Howard doesn’t know his record-breaking baseball history

  • Uh, he’s the guy whose record I broke. Not to be disrespectful or anything, but he was before my time.
  • Phillies slugger Ryan Howard • On the occasion of hitting homer No. 200, a feat that took him just 658 games, or just a hair above four seasons. He doesn’t know the guy whose record he topped, Ralph Kiner, but he should. Why’s that? It’s the third record he’s stolen from the guy who was before his time. • source

15 Jul 2009 12:10


Sports: The AL won the all-star game again. Big whoop. Here’s their streak.

  • 13 straight years of being unbeaten in the mid-season classic source

13 Jul 2009 10:47


Sports: The worst team in baseball, the Nats, ditch manager Manny Acta

  • 26-61 The Nationals’ record this season, easily the worst in the majors. With a laughably bad .299 winning percentage, they’re on track to win just 48 games this year.
  • 158-252 The Nationals’ record during Acta’s managing tenure – in his defense, it’s because his teams have mostly sucked. He’ll be replaced by bench coach Jim Riggleman. source

11 Jul 2009 11:02


Sports: Jonathan Sanchez got thisclose to a perfect game last night

Unfortunately, Juan Uribe screwed up in the 8th inning, forcing the San Francisco Giant to settle for a mere no-hitter. source

08 Jul 2009 11:10


Sports: Manny being unloved: Dude got ejected from a Dodgers/Mets game

  • I didn’t want to throw even more fire. I just walked away. I only play five innings, so I was leaving anyway.
  • L.A. Dodgers superstar Manny Ramirez • On his loud and brash exit from a game against the New York Mets. Angry after getting booed non-stop by Mets fans, he threw his gear and ended up getting ejected from the game, but not before driving in three runs and helping the team win 8-0. Ramirez, easily the Dodgers’ biggest star right now, just returned from a 50-game suspension for use of banned substances (which may or may not be steroids, by the way). • source

29 Jun 2009 10:03


Sports: Mariano Rivera is so good at closing, he hit a milestone last night

  • 500 saves for the reliable Yankees pitcher source

28 Jun 2009 12:07


Sports: Aww. Chicago Cubs coach Lou Pinella apologizes to Milton Bradley

  • Pinella says Bradley’s shenanigans need to stop, though. On Friday, Milton Bradley got booted from a game and told to go home after he caused an unnecessary scene. On Saturday, the manager that booted him from the game, Lou Pinella (who’s been called soft lately), backed off a little and apologized, but did expect change from the top-tier Cubs acquisition. “But I also told him that just can’t continue,” Pinella said, “to have shenanigans that we’ve put up with. I told him he’s going to hurt somebody, he’s going to hurt himself.” Bradley and Pinella had a long chat and now they’re cool again. Yay. source

17 Jun 2009 09:46


Sports: Sammy Sosa used steroids? No, really? And rain is wet?

  • 45.6 number of home runs he hit, on average, between 1993 and 2003, before he was found using steroids.
  • 23.3 number of home runs he hit, on average, between 2004 and 2007, post-steroids. Hm. Interesting. source

04 Jun 2009 20:36


Sports: The pitcher with the porn star name hits a milestone

  • 300 wins for pun-happy “Big Unit” Randy Johnson source

04 Jun 2009 10:51


Sports: The Atlanta Braves decide fresh blood tops living legend

  • first Tom Glavine, one of the biggest stars in Atlanta Braves’ history, a guy who wanted to retire a Brave, was released by the team where he had his biggest success, including two Cy Young awards.
  • second But that’s OK, because the Braves also traded for relatively fresh hotness in the form of Pittsburgh Pirates all-star outfielder Nate McLouth. But he won’t win any Cy Youngs. (He’s not a pitcher.)