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10 Oct 2009 13:51


Sports: Ryan Howard upsets 12-year-old girl. 12-year-old girl gets even.

  • give 12-year-old Jennifer Valdivia caught slugger Ryan Howard’s record-setting 200th home run ball at a Phillies game in July. She offered to give the ball to Howard, with the promise he would show up. He never did.
  • take Feeling that the potentially-valuable ball was stolen from her. Valdivia and her mother got a lawyer, and this week, in the midst of the Phillies’ playoff run, threatened to sue. The ball was promptly returned. source

17 Jul 2009 08:28


Sports: Ryan Howard doesn’t know his record-breaking baseball history

  • Uh, he’s the guy whose record I broke. Not to be disrespectful or anything, but he was before my time.
  • Phillies slugger Ryan Howard • On the occasion of hitting homer No. 200, a feat that took him just 658 games, or just a hair above four seasons. He doesn’t know the guy whose record he topped, Ralph Kiner, but he should. Why’s that? It’s the third record he’s stolen from the guy who was before his time. • source

21 Jan 2009 10:20


Sports: Star MLB slugger Ryan Howard wants a big payday

  • $18 million, the amount Howard wants from the Phillies source