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01 Jul 2010 22:15


30 Dec 2009 21:07


Offbeat: Girlfriend Xbox smasher: She might just be a little “crazy”

  • Dear girl who apparently doesn’t get enough attention from her boyfriend, you missed the guy’s PSP. (BTW, this video is pretty fake-looking.)

05 Dec 2009 09:48


Politics: Max Baucus wasn’t cheating; he was just ethically unsound


  • There has to be a public option joke we can make here. The Montana senator, who was in the news for months due to his role in the health care debate, recently admitted to nominating Melodee Hanes for the U.S. attorney post while he was having a romantic relationship with her. She backed out, however, after they decided they wanted to move in together. Unlike most situations like this, BTW, this wasn’t cheating. The relationship began when he was separated from his wife – who he has since divorced. source

12 Aug 2009 22:15


Offbeat: Hilarious breakup #1: A dramatic reading of a breakup letter

Imagine this letter being spoken by a dude who is pretending to sound like a stuffy playwright. Funniest thing we’ve heard all day. source

06 Jul 2009 10:44


Sports: Steve McNair’s friends: It was like a scene from a movie

  • The situation? Pretty scary overall. Shot to death with a semiautomatic pistol, Steve McNair’s death was ruled a homicide, but police have yet to decide one way or another on the death of Saleh Kazemi, his 20-year-old girlfriend killed by a single bullet. The scene was found by two of his close friends, one of whom, former Alcorn State teammate Robert Gaddy, called 911. “It was like something you might imagine seeing on TV or in the movies,” said Gaddy, “but never imagine you would see it firsthand, to have that happen to someone you love. I am still shook up.” source

22 Feb 2009 10:41


U.S.: An 11-year-old boy allegedly murdered his dad’s gf? Yikes!

  • This is something that you wouldn’t even think of in your worst nightmare, that you’d have to charge an 11-year-old with homicide. It’s heinous, the whole situation.
  • John Bongivengo • District Attorney of Lawrence County, Pa., on the boy, who allegedly killed his father’s pregnant 26-year-old girlfriend, Kenzie Marie Houk, on Friday. The unborn child also died. • source