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12 Jan 2012 14:17


U.S.: Michigan billionaire ordered to jail over bridge construction battle

  • the crimeThe Detroit International Bridge Co., which signed with Michigan to build additions to the Ambassador Bridge, failed to do so according to the agreed upon design, instead building roads that took drivers past their own fuel station and duty-free shop while leaving trucks to use smaller surface streets.
  • the time A Michigan judge has ruled that Matty Mouron, the 84-year-old billionaire owner of the company, was in contempt of a 2010 court order to complete the project as agreed upon. Which means, Mouron is headed to jail until he complies with the order, and starts up the new bridge work. source

20 Jun 2010 20:38


World: Currently missing, feared dead: A bunch of mining executives

  • 11 people were on the plane that went missing over Cameroon
  • eight were mining executives, six for Sundance Resources
  • one was a billionaire, Aussie mining magnate Ken Talbot source

11 Oct 2009 21:14


World: Here’s some rich clown getting out of a spacecraft

Guy Laliberte spent $35 million to get a unique view of space while wearing a clown’s nose the entire time. Billionaires who start Cirque du Soleil can do that. source

17 Apr 2009 18:22


Politics, U.S.: Five guesses as to who the anonymous university donor was

  • one Bernard Madoff: Because he had to save his reputation somehow.
  • two R. Allen Stanford: See what we said about Bernard Madoff, then add cricket.
  • three Mark Cuban: Because he likes making points in roundabout, absurd ways.
  • four Bill Gates: Because he cares too much about helping out sometimes.
  • five Joaquin Guzman: Because Mexican drug lords make pretty great benefactors.

10 Apr 2009 11:16


World: Italy’s billionaire prime minister offers his homes to quake victims

  • Silvio Berlusconi is Italy’s second-richest man. Victims of the devastating Italiian earthquake, which killed hundreds and left thousands more without homes, will be getting some help from P.M. Silvio Berlusconi. “I will do what I can too, by offering some of my houses,” Berlusconi said at a state funeral for the more than 200 killed. 17,000 survivors are currently living in tents, so it’d be a bit of an upgrade for them. source

16 Feb 2009 10:37


Culture: We wish we were billionaries so we could marry Salma Hayek

Oh, ANNND she gets to hang out with Rachael Ray. And marry a billionaire. Sigh. source

20 Jan 2009 10:11


Biz: Are you a billionaire? Invest in the New York Times!

  • $250 million loaned to the N.Y. Times by Carlos Slim source