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09 Mar 2011 21:45


Biz: Carlos Slim: The world’s richest person, two years in a row

  • $74
    the total worth of extremely rich Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim
  • $20
    the increase in the dude’s fortune THIS YEAR ALONE source
  • » Widening his lead: Carlos Slim has not only benefited by expanding his own personal wealth (we’re sure that New York Times investment was a huge part of all that … heh), but the two guys directly behind him – Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – have been giving away much of their wealth lately. Slim has too, but he’s kept a tighter grip on it than those two.

16 Mar 2010 10:38


Biz: The New York Times was taken to the cleaners by Carlos Slim

  • 14.1% the amount of interest on Carlos Slim’s $250 million loan, at a time when there was no inflation whatsoever
  • 15.9M number of warrants of stock the Times gave Slim; thanks to a rally, Slim has made $77 million on stock alone
  • $112M amount Carlos Slim
    has already made back on his journalistic investment in just a year; holy crap source

10 Mar 2010 22:10


Biz: Forbes’ billionaires list isn’t just made of Carlos Slim and Bill Gates

  • Carlos Slim is on top this year. But look deeper. Forbes’ billionaires list, a cultural touchstone, usually only focuses on the top of the list, mainly because it makes a good headline. But Forbes has a TON of information about the billionaires on their list. Here are some of our favorite details from doing a little research:

A good year for rebounds

  • 1,011 billionaires are on this year’s list, which is way up from last year
  • 164 billionaires returned to the list after losing much of their value in 2008
  • 89 billionaires came from China, the largest non-U.S. total source

Extremes in rich bastards

  • youngest Mark Zuckerberg, who, at 25, has more money than you’ll ever dream of, with assets worth $4 billion. Just think how much he’d be worth if Facebook took the IPO plunge. Or actually, just sulk. source
  • oldest Fellow technology maven Walter Haefner is the real-life Mr. Burns at age 99. Except, instead of a nuclear plant, he owns 24 percent of information technology firm Computer Associates. source

Schadenfreude-worthy subject

  • Raj Rajaratnam is in big trouble. One of the guys who lost his billionaire club card, Rajaratnam’s hedge fund, Galleon Group, was caught in a major insider-trading scandal, which caused the fund to lose value quickly this past October, and as a result Rajaratnam is no longer a billionaire (and is probably going to prison!). source

21 Feb 2010 10:27


Biz: Is The New York Times giving Carlos Slim preferential treatment?

  • Under any other circumstances, the business section of the Times would be expected to cover it, as the Journal and Bloomberg have. Yet as of Saturday midday, I cannot find a single mention of any aspect of this case, anywhere in the physical New York Times, or on its Web site – not even a blog post or a wire story.
  • The Big Money blogger James Ledbetter • Regarding a huge uncovered scandal involving billionaire Carlos Slim, who has a huge stake in The New York Times. J.P. Morgan is accused of trying to push Grupo Televisa’s business secrets to a bank owned by Slim, who owns a major rival. Other major sources have covered it, but there’s literally nothing on the NYT site about the scandal. This is bad precedent. source

20 Jan 2009 10:11


Biz: Are you a billionaire? Invest in the New York Times!

  • $250 million loaned to the N.Y. Times by Carlos Slim source