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03 Mar 2012 15:20


World: Protests, arson lead to sacking of Azerbaijan governor

Governor's Mansion in Quba, Azerbaijan set ablaze

  • One day of protests, and an act of arson, were all it took to take down an unpopular Azerbaijan governor. What began with an appointed governor’s taunts of his own people, ended with the same governor’s resignation according to the Azerbaijan government. In a statement released on Friday, President Ilham Aliyev’s office confirmed that Quban Governor Rauf Gabibov had been removed from his post, after civil unrest on Thursday ended with Gabibov’s mansion in flames and protesters clashing with police. (photo via CNN iReport) source

02 Jan 2012 10:28


U.S.: “Person of interest” in custody after L.A.-area arson spree

  • Is this the guy? Last night, the LAPD released this image of a person of interest in this weekend’s widespread arson spree, which was the result of over three dozen separate blazes — some of which damaged significant amounts of property. This morning, the police say they have a person of interest in custody, presumably the guy in this photo. However, officials say “it is too early to speculate if this person is responsible for the spree of arson fires.” However, sources say that fire-starting materials were found in the man’s van, meaning he potentially had the ability to start a number of fires if he wanted to. source

20 Dec 2011 00:33


U.S.: FBI report: Violent crimes continue sharp decline in 2011

  • 8.6% decline in arson cases in the first half of 2011, according to an FBI report
  • 7.7% decline in robberies in the same period; other metrics also fell source
  • » A downward trend continues: When the FBI compared the first half of 2010 to the first half of 2011, they found that violent crimes were down in quite a number of categories, including murder, rape and aggrivated assault. Why has crime been in a downward trend? It could be due to “tougher laws, better policing and an aging population.” That’s right, guys: Our cultural old age is (possibly) causing a drop in crime.

05 Jan 2011 11:11


U.S.: Was ex-Pentagon staffer killed because of feud with neighbor?

  • weird The body of a former Pentagon staffer, John P. Wheeler, was recently found in a landfill – which, let’s admit it, is disturbing and doesn’t exactly happen everyday.
  • weirder Reports suggest that not long before Wheeler died, he may have tried to blow up somebody’s home. He was apparently in a feud with a neighbor. He must’ve lost. source

18 Aug 2009 11:15


World: An awful act of relationship revenge in Kuwait kills dozens

  • 43 people died after an ex-wife set a wedding tent ablaze source

23 Feb 2009 10:51


Music, Offbeat: Banned from Jamaican music: just about everything good

  • The ban includes: Music that depicts sexual acts. Music that glorifies gun violence, murder, rape or arson. Music that features “daggering” – a popular dance style with lots of sex-like pelvic thrusts. Like we said. Just about everything good. What’s good Jamacian dancehall song without a little arson? source

12 Feb 2009 10:49


Offbeat: Tip: If you commit arson, don’t sing about it

  • She’s singing a different tune now. Amanda Gessner, 19, set off a bunch of trash fires in a Philadelphia suburb, and was spotted in a convenience store singing a little ditty about her deed. A sample verse: “The fire department is going to be mad at me.” Idiot. source

09 Feb 2009 08:24


World: Australia’s prime minister: If wildfires arson, it’s “mass murder”

  • What do you say about anyone like that? There’s no words to describe it, other than it’s mass murder.
  • Kevin Rudd • Australia’s prime minister, regarding the brushfires in the state of Victoria and the belief that some of the fires were set deliberately. At least 130 people have died in the fires, and thousands more have been left homeless. • source