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23 Jun 2010 20:56


World: Australian Prime Minister < Migrant Female Redhead upstart

  • Conan O’Brien has a new doppelganger. Julia Gillard, who replaced Kevin Rudd as Australian prime minister just a little while ago, is one of the Labor Party’s leading lights, and might have a better chance of winning in an election. And she’s not even from Australia! She was originally born in Wales, just like all the truly awesome people out there. (We’re not Welsh.) source

23 Jun 2010 10:15


World: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tries to save his job

  • cause Julia Gillard, a member of the prime minister’s party, said she was going to challenge Kevin Rudd’s Labor party leadership.
  • reaction Rudd held a late-night press conference where he forced the issue – the party will hold a leadership vote on Thursday. source

15 Nov 2009 20:44


World: Australia’s prime minister is very sorry about neglected orphans

  • We are sorry. Sorry for the tragedy – the absolute tragedy – of childhoods lost. Sorry that as children you were taken from your families and placed in institutions where so often you were abused. Sorry for the physical suffering, the emotional starvation and the cold absence of love, of tenderness, of care.
  • Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd • Speaking to a group of 1,000 “forgotten Australians” who were neglected and abused in orphanages between 1930 and 1970. He couldn’t sugarcoat this apology, no matter how he wanted to. “The truth is, this is an ugly story,” he continued. “The truth is great evil has been done.” • source

09 Feb 2009 08:24


World: Australia’s prime minister: If wildfires arson, it’s “mass murder”

  • What do you say about anyone like that? There’s no words to describe it, other than it’s mass murder.
  • Kevin Rudd • Australia’s prime minister, regarding the brushfires in the state of Victoria and the belief that some of the fires were set deliberately. At least 130 people have died in the fires, and thousands more have been left homeless. • source