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20 May 2010 22:35


Culture: An open letter to Bret Michaels’ body on recent events

  • Dear immune system and major organs, please don’t kill Bret Michaels. He’s a perfectly good example of what a hair-rocker should be at his age – well-loved (especially on VH1 reality shows) and respected more now than he was during the height of his success. First it was his appendix. Then it was a brain hemorrhage. Now it’s a hole in his heart and a “warning” stroke. Can’t you just let this guy grow old without hitting him with three major health scares in a month? Seriously. Back off for 30 years or so. source

20 May 2010 22:22


Culture: Lindsay Lohan read “Roman Polanski’s Guide to Court Evasion”

  • one number of passports the actress reportedly had stolen while in France for Cannes (she has a new one)
  • $100,000 the bail the trainwreck had to pay for missing a court date on a drunk-driving charge in L.A. source

20 May 2010 22:12


U.S.: Texas’ Board of Ed about to pass controversial textbook changes

Fans of politicized textbooks, you’re in luck. Despite protests, Texas’ outsize influence is likely about to set the agenda for classrooms nationwide. source

20 May 2010 21:17


U.S.: Did the Salahis show up during another state dinner?

  • YES can’t teach an old publicity hound new tricks source

20 May 2010 20:59


Politics: Rand Paul upset that he only got a day on top of the mountain

  • I thought I was supposed to get a honeymoon. When does my honeymoon start after my victory?
  • Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul • Talking to our boy Wolf Blitzer about how his last couple of days went after winning the Republican primary. It hasn’t been good. He’s been taking heat left and … well, mostly left … for comments that he made regarding the 1964 Civil Rights Act in the last couple of days. He suggested that businesses shouldn’t have to allow everyone in. And who does he blame? The messenger. “I think what troubles me is that the news cycle has gotten out of control,” he continued. “For several hours on a major news network [MSNBC] yesterday, they reported repeatedly that I was for repealing the Civil Rights Act. That is not only not true, never been my position, but is an out and out lie. And they repeated it all day long.” source

20 May 2010 20:45


20 May 2010 20:04


Biz: Stocks are in an even bigger correction mode than Rand Paul

  • 376 the Dow Jones’s loss today, the biggest this year source
  • » Is it a correction? Yes, yes it is. The Dow has fallen 10 percent since its April highs, meaning, by any technical definition, that it’s a correction. source

20 May 2010 12:05


Biz, U.S.: BP’s at least managing to grab a good chunk of the oil spill

  • 5,000 number of barrels they’re
    grabbing each day
  • a lot the amount that’s still getting
    into the ocean source

20 May 2010 11:23


Politics, Tech: Congress way ahead of Obama when it comes to iPad love

  • Guess which congressman said this: “This thing is the bomb. It’s light; it’s portable. It’s accessible information. I love it.” The Blackberry was perhaps the killer device for legislatiors of the last decade, but this decade it’s proving to be the iPad. With laptops still not allowed on the floor, the aluminum and glass love machine is a major hit for some. If it takes off, it could straight-up replace the need for paper in the famously-tree-killing legislative branch. We haven’t heard if Robert Byrd is using one yet, though. Maybe he’s waiting for the second-gen. source

20 May 2010 11:14


U.S., World: Well, duh: Mexico’s president with Obama on immigration reform

All Obama and Felipe Calderon need is Stephen Harper to be standing next to them and North America’s pretty much covered. source