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10 Oct 2011 23:21


World: Study: Chocolate could help lower heart risk for women

  • claimEat more chocolate (in moderation), have a lower risk of getting a stroke? A Swedish study of 33,000 women seemed to come to that sweet confectionary conclusion. Dark chocolate had a better effect on heart health than other kinds.
  • rebuttal Doctors still haven’t recommended chocolate as the best way to reduce the risk of having a stroke, though. They do recommend “blood pressure medicine, quitting smoking, exercising more and eating a healthier diet.” source

13 Jun 2011 14:33


U.S.: Rapture alert: Harold Camping suffers a mild stroke

  • He’s 89 years old, so it isn’t really a surprise. Apparently, the rapture preacher, who spent $100 million of his own money telling people the world would end May 21st, is recovering just fine. “He is presently recuperating in a local hospital and the doctors are pleased with his progress,” said Family Radio special projects coordinator Michael Garcia. But either way, it doesn’t really matter in the long run. According to his own calculations, he’s only got a few months left to live; he’s now saying that the world is going to end on October 21. source

13 Jun 2011 13:31


Music: Clarence Clemons hospitalized after massive stroke

  • The beloved saxophonist of the E Street Band has had two brain surgeries since the stroke, and initially suffered paralysis on his left side, but he’s able to move his left hand now and his condition is still improving. Over the past few years, Clemons hasn’t had the best health — he’s had surgery on his hips, knees and back. Despite that, he has yet to miss a concert because he’s so passionate about making people happy. Recently, Clemons guested on Lady Gaga’s new album “Born this Way.” Here’s hoping he gets better and gets back to what so many people love him for — making music. source

20 May 2010 22:35


Culture: An open letter to Bret Michaels’ body on recent events

  • Dear immune system and major organs, please don’t kill Bret Michaels. He’s a perfectly good example of what a hair-rocker should be at his age – well-loved (especially on VH1 reality shows) and respected more now than he was during the height of his success. First it was his appendix. Then it was a brain hemorrhage. Now it’s a hole in his heart and a “warning” stroke. Can’t you just let this guy grow old without hitting him with three major health scares in a month? Seriously. Back off for 30 years or so. source

07 Sep 2009 10:16


Offbeat: 09/09/09: A day without cats on every site except for ShortFormBlog

Find cats here
  • The gauntlet? Thrown. You say you want a day without cats, Urlesque? Well, you aren’t going to find any not cats here. We’re picking up the strays. We’ll post as many cute cat videos between news items as we can. We’ll take submissions. And we’re not going to use stroked Impact. That’s a Bush League move. We’re using stroked Chunk because it’s Impact for classy people.source