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29 Dec 2010 10:04


Offbeat: Prison inmate makes vague statement about doing cool thing

  • This is the last thing I thought I would be doing when I came to prison.
  • Nevada inmate James Redmon • Regarding his gig training wild mustangs in prison. Which we admit is pretty darn cool. But it sounds like he could be talking about doing something else, doesn’t it? (Re: The link in that last sentence – yeah, we know, terrible movie, right? But we still heart Bob Odenkirk and Will Arnett.) source

27 Oct 2009 22:42


U.S.: The FAA does the smart thing and shames The Laptop Jockeys

  • Guess who lost their licenses?! The Federal Aviation Administration gave the cynics of the world a reason to cheer today as they took away the licenses from the two losers who were too busy on their laptops to land the plane in Minneapolis like they were supposed to. The Northwest Airlines pilots, who were out of radio contact for 91 schedule-software-training minutes, have ten days to appeal the decision. But considering the hype the case has gotten, it might be tough to fight. source

21 Sep 2009 21:04


U.S.: The new top drill sergeant admires George S. Patton, is female

I don’t know what you’ve been told, but a lady drill sergeant is mighty bold. Sound off ONE TWO and meet Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King. source

24 Feb 2009 01:15


Biz, Tech: Not to pick on Microsoft again, but …

… they make it sooooooo easy for us. ElevateAmerica is coming from the right place, though. source