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28 Apr 2010 20:30


Biz: McDonald’s not very happy with Santa Clara County right now

  • What happened?Santa Clara County, Calif., decided they had enough of the Happy Meal convincing kids to eat crappy food by teasing them with a cheap toy, so they banned selling crappy food with toys inside. “This ordinance breaks the link between unhealthy food and prizes,” the county supervisor claimed.

    healthy food excluded The ordinance really only limits restaurants from giving away toys with crappy food. If your meal has less than 485 calories, 600 milligrams of sodium, 35 percent of calories from fat and 10 percent of calories from sugar, you’re golden.

    Grace period Restaurants have a little over 100 days to make changes to their menus. source

22 Mar 2010 13:42


Offbeat: He didn’t Lego: Dude builds career in high art, brick by brick

Of all the things you can build an art career out of, Legos seem fairly unlikely. But don’t tell that to Nathan Sawaya, who’s finding success with the blocks. source

12 Feb 2010 10:46


Biz: Lego’s kicking so much butt, they’re getting into board games

  • 30% increase in Lego’s sales during a recession source

27 Nov 2009 11:25


Culture: Zhu Zhu hamsters: Meet this year’s new holiday toy obsession


  • Like real hamsters, without any of the poop. This holiday season, the biggest surprise hit might be a bunch of motorized hamster toys. They look cool and goofy and are fun to play with, which is why kids are begging for them – and why quick-to-comply parents are trying to get their grubby hands all over them on Black Friday. source

11 Apr 2009 21:27


Offbeat: Easter and Passover are here; time to check out the Playmobible!

The makers of Germany’s Playmobil toys haven’t been able to kill the popularity of this Biblical ode to their toys. source

07 Jan 2009 09:45


Offbeat: If you’re a plastic doll, do you still get menopause?

Barbie turns 50 this year, and she still looks like a million plastic bucks. source