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19 Dec 2010 20:48


World: Super-eclipse: Earth’s axis, closest star, only moon align all at once

  • So, tomorrow night is a cool night. See, Tuesday is the Winter Solstice, and coinciding with said Winter Solstice is a lunar eclipse – a star-aligning event we think happens every million years or something. We can’t be bothered to look up the specific number, but we hear it’ll be awesome. Enjoy the moon completely covered in shadows, guys. Well, as long as you live on the Western Hemisphere. Sorry Japan. source

12 Aug 2010 23:58


Tech: Google vs. Oracle: One giant sues another over Java

  • In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly, and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property. This lawsuit seeks appropriate remedies for their infringement.
  • An Oracle spokesperson • Discussing the lawsuit the company, which recently bought Java maker Sun, filed against Google over their use of Java code in their developer kit for Android. This is pretty bad for a lot of reasons – the most important being that lawsuits like this usually involve two-bit operations suing large companies over patents. In this case, Oracle is as big and respected as Google. While we’re guessing Oracle just wants a piece of the pie, this could end poorly for all involved. source

29 Sep 2009 22:58


Tech: When you turn on this urn, it runs a really old version of Unix

A nerd on Slashdot honored his nerdy brother by putting his remains in a Sun SPARCstation computer, which is obscure, nerdy, and awesome. source

26 Sep 2009 17:04


U.S.: Why did insane convict Phillip Paul escape? He wanted sunshine.

  • Well … that seems like a perfectly reasonable reason to us. Shocking that he got away, but still reasonable. The ensuing search after his escape only cost the Spokane sheriff’s office around $37,000. source

21 Jul 2009 09:14


World: If you live in Asia, expect to be eclipsed today

  • 6+ minutes of total solar eclipse awesomeness today source

20 Apr 2009 09:40


Biz, Tech: Maybe it was a good thing IBM didn’t get Sun, and Oracle did

  • $7
    amount IBM was willing to pay for the technology company
  • $7.4 billion amount Oracle agreed to buy the company for; the value went up, see? source

06 Apr 2009 08:44


Tech: Sun and IBM can’t get together for some reason

  • reaction Sun’s shares went down precipitously, -$6.44 in pre-market trading, this morning.
  • cause The planned sale with IBM went south after shareholders balked at the asking price. source

03 Apr 2009 07:01


Biz: IBM tries to steal some sunshine with a big aquisition

  • $7 billion to buy Sun and form a really big, bright and blue company source

18 Mar 2009 10:31


Biz, Tech: IBM wants to get some more Sun in their life

  • $7
    size of the proposed merger of the two technology superpowers
  • 42% of servers would be run by the merged company (including 65% of Unix servers) source

06 Feb 2009 08:29


Offbeat: How many people have applied for the Aussie dream job, anyway?

  • 10,000+ applications have been submitted for the job, which would be fun in the sun in the Great Barrief Reef for six months
  • $100,000 size of the contract the winner would get. The job was designed as an antidote to the global economic meltdown source