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15 Nov 2009 12:00


Offbeat: Laser engraver playing Mario: Nerd has too much time on his hands

  • The nerd who came up with this concept – where a laser engraver plays the Super Mario Bros. theme using just its motor – is on some level cool. But on most levels, he’s begging to be alone every Saturday night for the next year. source

29 Sep 2009 22:58


Tech: When you turn on this urn, it runs a really old version of Unix

A nerd on Slashdot honored his nerdy brother by putting his remains in a Sun SPARCstation computer, which is obscure, nerdy, and awesome. source

13 Aug 2009 11:02


Offbeat: All anime nerds should overreact like this from time to time

  • My mom threw out my Gundam action figures. Time to light my house on fire! The world’s biggest, most pathetic anime nerd (who is 29, making an even stronger case for “pathetic”) chose to handle the situation the rational way. He doused himself in kerosene and then set his house ablaze. The Kasai City, Japan resident nor his mother were injured, but the two-story home was completely lost because he couldn’t stand the idea of living without his !&#&^(^ action figures. ^_^ source

27 Jul 2009 21:49


Offbeat: Japanese guys give up on real women, fall in love with anime

The 2D movement has taken over the hearts and minds of nerds all over Japan, whose bodies and social status mean they’re not getting any. source

04 Mar 2009 10:39


Offbeat: Trekkie cologne: Smelling like a nerd doesn’t mean not showering

The wink-wink nature of these fragrances is perfect for your next convention, lady-killer. source