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13 Apr 2011 20:47


U.S.: If you read any 6,000-word article on sugar today, let it be this one

The New York Times Magazine has a freaking massive piece on whether or not sugar is toxic. Want the answer? Well, you’re gonna have to read it, sweetheart. source

14 Sep 2010 16:58


Culture: High-fructose corn syrup is so last decade

  • newIf the Corn Refiners Association has its way, high-fructose corn syrup will be replaced with “corn sugar” within the next few years.
  • old “Corn sugar” is actually the same thing as HFCS. They’re just trying to change the name to counteract HFCS’s bad reputation. source
  • what do you do when everyone realizes that your product contributes to one of the leading causes of preventable death worldwide? You change it’s name, of course, so people won’t know what they’re eating! That, and you launch a PR campaign to convince people that it’s actually not that bad for you. In related news, it’s not TV, it’s HBO! source

03 Mar 2010 20:56


U.S.: Hey mom! Kids are craving more snacks! Give them sugar!

  • 27% of children’s calories now come from eating junk food like chips and snacks
  • 168 number of snack calories added to childrens’ daily diets since 1977, which sounds tasty
  • 13½ number of pounds that fattening addition to their diets means each year; mmm source

17 Sep 2009 10:03


Biz: Is taxing soda a good idea? Doctors, lobbyists push the issue

  • for Many doctors say that putting a tax on soda – much like cigarettes – helps promote healthier choices by discouraging the empty calories of sugar water.
  • against The beverage industry (which can throw lots of money at this issue), however, is fighting this idea tooth and nail. And support for the tax is not universal. source

25 Aug 2009 21:15


Biz, U.S.: Sweet! Two convenient sugar-related problems combine

  • supply Members of the food industry got a hold of the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently, informing them that, without increased imports, the country is on track to run out of sugar. Not sweet.
  • demand The American Heart Association says that you should stop eating sugar to improve your heart health. Plus, there’s the side benefit of increasing the nation’s sugar supply. *light bulb* source

21 Mar 2009 21:04


Biz: This fight between sweeteners is getting pretty bitter

  • history Back in the ’80s, sugar found itself up against a new competitor, high fructose corn syrup. Sugar struggled for a while but has made a comeback.
  • health Recently, high fructose corn syrup has been getting much criticism in public for its possible ill health effects, which has helped sugar’s popularity.
  • defense The corn industry has attempted to fight the bad buzz against its product with Web sites and commercials defending its sweetener of choice. source