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21 Jun 2011 16:22


Politics: Fervor over gay marriage vote grows in NY as state senate stalls

  • Still waiting on history: Protests and passions have continued to flare as the New York state senate has still not yet resolved the gay marriage bill before it. The AP is reporting that Wednesday might be the decisive day, but it’s not certain — legislative schedules change dynamically, as they did last week when it rumors swirled that Friday would bring a vote for the bill. Also of note in this video is the New York Giants’ Super Bowl hero of a few seasons ago, David Tyree, giving one of the most common, irritating arguments against gay marriage; if marriage is one way for a long time, why change it? This argument’s been used in other cases, of course — ones which most people now view as pretty dubious. source

16 Jun 2011 17:12


Politics: New York senate may vote on marriage equality soon

  • New York close to marriage equality: As it stands now, New York could become the 6th state to legalize gay marriage, if they can convince just one more Republican state senator to support it. The problem is that in situations when one legislator’s vote tips the balance, that person might get labeled as having cast “the deciding vote.” The question is what a Republican on the fence fears more: conservative backlash against gay marriage support, or the ire of pro-equality advocate groups (58% of New Yorkers support gay marriage). It’s possible this could get a vote tomorrow — we’ll be following it. source

12 Mar 2011 17:12


U.S.: Wisconsin’s “Fabulous 14” comes back, parties with protesters

  • I’m one of the Fabulous 14 and I’m so proud. We are back to unite and fight with our supporters. We gave them hope. They gave us inspiration.
  • Democratic Wisconsin State Sen. Spencer Coggs • Discussing his return to Wisconsin after nearly three weeks of stalemate status. They were welcomed by the protesters in Madison. Republicans tried really hard to get them back – holding their paychecks, taking away staffer’s parking and access to copy machines, trying to pass even crazier crap than the collective bargaining thang – but ultimately, it was the roundabout sneak attack which finally brought the Fabulous 14 to the land of cheese and cheap beer. source

21 Feb 2011 00:45


U.S.: On the run: Wisconsin Dems still have time for continental breakfasts

Meet perhaps the most comfortable, relaxed fugitives the state of Wisconsin has ever seen. Never before have people on the run from the law looked so well-rested. source

17 Feb 2011 19:55


Politics: Wisconsin Dems: “We were left with no choice” but to leave state

  • We were left with no choice … The question is when are the Republicans going to sit down seriously with the other side on this issue and try to work something out.
  • Democrat Wisconsin state Sen. Jon Erpenbach • Explaining why he chose to leave the state, and what it will take to get him back. He and every other Democratic state senator in Wisconsin left in protest of a GOP-backed plan to limit public employees’ abilities to collectively bargain for better wages, in a push to stop a deficit crisis. As a result, the GOP doesn’t have quorum – because 20 state senators need to be there, and there are 19 Republicans. This is the first such incident were an entire party left a state to avoid a vote since Democratic members of the Texas state senate and state house left the state to avoid a vote on redistricting – the same vote, mind you, that led to Tom DeLay’s corruption conviction. source

10 Jul 2009 10:06


U.S.: Well, guess the gridlock is over in the N.Y. State Senate

  • 135 bills were passed by senators in an all-nighter source

08 Jul 2009 22:44


U.S.: N.Y. Gov. David Paterson picks some old guy to be his punching bag

Richard Ravitch is 76. He’s a Democrat. He knows crisis management. The N.Y. State Senate is in crisis. Richard Ravitch may create more crisis. source

15 Jun 2009 11:04


U.S.: The NY State Senate cluster&#^% continues to cluster&#^%

  • return One of the two Democrats the Republicans in the State Senate managed to convince to switch, sides, Hiram Monserrate, has decided to switch back, creating even more confusion.
  • deadlock So what’s next? Well, the state senate turns into an even 31-31 split, which means that nobody has power. The Republicans’ attempt at a power grab sure backfired, didn’t it? source

11 Jun 2009 21:12


U.S.: That N.Y. state senate cluster^*#& is becoming a bigger one

  • One of the defectors says there isn’t enough Democratic support. Hiram Monserrate, one of the two guys responsible for leaving the Democratic-led New York State Senate majority in favor of a Republican-led one, walked out abruptly tonight, saying that there wasn’t enough support for the change and he needed to recruit more Democrats to help. So, which one of your alienated fellow party members are you going to hit up first, Hiram? Hope, like this guy, you like rejection. source

10 Jun 2009 11:14


U.S.: Who’s behind the N.Y. state senate upheaval? Some rich bastard.

  • He gave money. Tom Golisano, a billionaire business exec, paid lots of money to help the Democrats take over the state senate last November. It was the first time they led the state senate in 40 years.
  • He felt slighted. However, when Golisano heard the Democrats wanted to tax the wealthy, and feeling slighted by a meeting with majority leader Malcolm A. Smith, he helped lead the unprecedented takeover.
  • Our takeHow can one guy have this much power? He doesn’t control the state senate – the people who voted for the candidates do. This strikes of corruption. The whole thing feels ethically unsound. source