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20 Dec 2010 22:03


Politics: Free, with a catch: N.Y.’s David Paterson fined over World Series tix

  • $62,125 in other words, market value source
  • » Why was he nailed? Simple. The five tickets, which were given to him by the Yankees, represented a conflict of interest, due to the fact that the state does business with the Yankees in multiple ways. Oh, also, he lied about intending to pay the Yankees back for the tickets, something which was widely refuted by others, including members of his own staff. Basically, if you’re a politician, you probably shouldn’t take free tickets for anything.

25 Aug 2010 10:09


Politics: David Paterson finally decided to be a governor on the mosque issue

  • People can’t hear each other anymore. I find it heart-wrenching. I hate to see New Yorkers squaring off against each other.
  • New York Gov. David Paterson • Taking time off from making incredibly embarrassing gaffes to make some pretty smart statements about the Park51 community center, or the “Ground Zero Mosque.” In related news, a group of New Yorkers, including some 9/11 victims’ families, plan to announce the launch of pro-tolerance group New York Neighbors for American Values. And the Park51 organizers still don’t wanna move. source

11 Aug 2010 11:12


Politics: Happy birthday Charlie Rangel! Ethics trials are good presents

  • Strangely enough, some guests can’t attend his party. Rangel, who turns 80 today, plans to have a $200-a-plate dinner gala tonight, with the proceeds going to Rangel’s ethics-stained reelection campaign. He has invited a number of political bigwigs who may or may not show up – including Bill Clinton (can’t make it), David Paterson (not confirmed), Charles Schumer (not confirmed) and Michael Bloomberg (not confirmed). Worst of all, the night’s entertainment, Aretha Franklin, can’t make it either, due to a rib injury. The 20-term congressman recently made a passionate speech about his plight. source

24 Jul 2010 01:07


U.S.: Vacation rentals in NYC no longer on the table thanks to new law

  • Craigslist entrepreneurs in NYC: Sorry. After saying he would veto the law, New York Governor David Paterson passed a law banning short-term vacation rentals in the city, forcing people to go to licensed hotels instead. If you go to Craigslist, you’ll see quite the cottage industry exists for this kind of housing. NYC mayor and noted iPad fanatic Michael Bloomberg supported the measure: “When housing designated for permanent occupancy is illegally converted into a hotel, unsafe conditions are created, the residential character of City neighborhoods is harmed and the supply of much-needed units of housing is depleted,” he said. Or, more likely, this cottage industry bloomed because hotels in NYC are super-expensive and out of whack with the rest of the country. source

05 Mar 2010 11:47


Politics: N.Y. Gov. David Paterson not exactly doing well in the polls

  • 46% of those polled say David Paterson should finish his term
  • 42% want to throw the scandal-ridden bum out of office early
  • 12% want to know why you’re bothering them source

04 Mar 2010 20:23


U.S.: David Paterson’s bad day: The latest in the NY governor’s scandal

  • one His communications secretary resigned, saying he couldn’t “in good conscience” support Paterson.
  • two Paterson’s scandal continues to broaden, with ill-gotten World Series tickets under deep scrutiny.
  • three Paterson said he’d be governor Friday, but stayed silent when asked if he would be governor next week. source

03 Mar 2010 10:29


Politics: David Paterson forgets that people also asking him to quit

  • A number of people have contacted me and asked me to stay.
  • Gov. David Paterson • Regarding the scandal which is ruining his governorship and is really making Eliot Spitzer look like a prince in comparison. The politician is facing one messy scandal, as word is that he personally ordered state police to pressure a woman domestically abused by one of Paterson’s top staffers. Paterson didn’t look good before this, and now he looks beyond reproach. source

01 Mar 2010 10:45


Politics: Can David Paterson lead after all this crap he’s been dealt?

Here, a bunch of New York’s black leaders discuss helping the governor. Problem: 2nd from left has an ethics scandal of his own, and far right is Al Sharpton. source

26 Feb 2010 10:29


U.S.: Dear David Paterson: Thanks for finally listening to us

  • He’s not running for re-election, but he’s not resigning, either. A day after The New York Times broke some crazy crap about him (just days after they broke some other, more general, crazy crap about him), the pressure finally got to be a little much for the New York governor and now he’s finally out. Great. source

25 Feb 2010 20:04


U.S.: Will David Paterson quit the NY Gov. race due to his latest scandal?

  • NO but he’s asking for second opinions (just quit man) source