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11 Dec 2011 21:30


Tech: Google’s top execs have a surplus of planes hanging around

  • 8 private jets split up between three top executives, or 2.6 per person source
  • » Say whaaaaaaaaaaaa? The news on this one broke in a somewhat sneaky way — the San Jose Mercury News reported that the executives had offered to pay $33 million to finish restoration of a historic air hangar at Moffett Field, which is a stone’s throw from Google’s Mountain View headquarters. It came out, as a result of this news, that the company has eight jets at its disposal between Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt. Google doesn’t own them, mind you; H211, a separate company that has no formal relationship with Google, operates them. Still, though … you gotta wonder why they need eight jets. If they want, they could give one to us.

14 Apr 2010 10:41


Politics: Sarah Palin’s rider almost as over-the-top as Spinal Tap’s

  • A couple of lucky college kids hit a goldmine. The California State University kids found a copy of the speaking engagement rider for Palin’s June speech at the school sitting in a trash can, and boy, is it amusing. Here are a few highlights:
  • one Option for a private jet. Must be large enough to fit the former governor’s ego.
  • two She must have access to straws that bend, or she totally walks. No bending here.
  • three Questions must be pre-screened. At private events, so must the stupid guests.
  • four Palin needs three hotel rooms. At least one of those must be set aside for her accent.
  • five If Levi Johnston shows up, kick him out. (OK, we made that one up.) source

30 Mar 2010 01:12


Politics: RNC vs. DNC: Who spends more on private jets, anyway?

  • $17,514 amount RNC chair Michael Steele and his staff spent on chartering private jets in February alone
  • $0 amount DNC chair Tim Kaine and his staff spent on chartering planes during the whole year so far source
  • » Also, a shout-out: Kudos to The Daily Caller for your handling of this story, which includes far more tawdry, damaging facts than this one, although this is pretty damaging for the RNC. We like the way your journalism rolls.