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11 Dec 2011 21:30


Tech: Google’s top execs have a surplus of planes hanging around

  • 8 private jets split up between three top executives, or 2.6 per person source
  • » Say whaaaaaaaaaaaa? The news on this one broke in a somewhat sneaky way — the San Jose Mercury News reported that the executives had offered to pay $33 million to finish restoration of a historic air hangar at Moffett Field, which is a stone’s throw from Google’s Mountain View headquarters. It came out, as a result of this news, that the company has eight jets at its disposal between Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt. Google doesn’t own them, mind you; H211, a separate company that has no formal relationship with Google, operates them. Still, though … you gotta wonder why they need eight jets. If they want, they could give one to us.

01 Oct 2011 15:35


Politics, Tech: Eric Schmidt on Google’s antitrust case: We’re not that bad, really

  • So we get hauled in front of the Congress for developing a product that’s free, that serves a billion people. Okay? I mean, I don’t know how to say it any clearer. I mean, it’s fine. It’s their job. But it’s not like we raised prices. We could lower prices from free to…lower than free? You see what I’m saying?
  • Google Chairman Eric Schmidt • Proving to be a bit cagey in an interview after taking questions at a Senate hearing a week ago. Google is facing antitrust questions that they’re abusing their power in the search market, and Schmidt claims that there’s a disconnect at play between Washington and the tech culture of Silicon Valley. “The press is so young, they don’t understand the history here,” he said. “We’re still a small component of what a whole bunch of other companies have done, and certainly most other industries. So I reject all such charges.” Think he’s right about all this? source

01 Jun 2011 11:27


Tech: Google’s Eric Schmidt: We missed the boat on Facebook; it’s my fault

  • Three years ago I wrote memos talking about this general problem. I knew that I had to do something and I failed to do it. … A CEO should take responsibility. I screwed up.
  • Google Chairman (and former CEO) Eric Schmidt • Speaking at the D9 conference, put on by All Things Digital, on the topic of Facebook. Specifically, Google’s failure to do anything to stop Facebook while he was CEO, or at least work together with them. It’s just one sign of many that Google is struggling to keep up with the fast-moving rise of social networking. Another example of this: Google Buzz — which just isn’t very good. Anyway, Schmidt also noted that there is a “Gang of Four” that’s currently defining the tech industry. Which companies are on the list? Google (of course), Apple, Facebook and Amazon. See what he did there? He just slighted Microsoft. source

24 Jan 2011 10:52


Biz: Google’s Eric Schmidt got a pretty golden thank-you card

  • $100 million in equity earned for his time as CEO source
  • » He still has hefty stock options, too: Schmidt, who recently announced he was stepping down as Google’s CEO, but will stay on as chairman, will keep around 9.1 percent of his voting rights. This, by the way, is after selling a crapton of his stock.

21 Jan 2011 13:31


Biz, Tech: Even though Google’s stock is expensive right now, it’s still a “buy”

  • $640+ the stock’s recent price peak, before yesterday’s management shakeup
  • $627 the stock’s price as of when we wrote this, post-announcement
  • $800+ the price some analysts are expecting the stock to hit someday source

20 Jan 2011 16:19


Tech: Google CEO Eric Schmidt stepping down, becoming Executive Chairman

  • I am enormously proud of my last decade as CEO, and I am certain that the next 10 years under Larry will be even better! Larry, in my clear opinion, is ready to lead.
  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt • Revealing he’s stepping down as CEO to become Executive Chairman of the company. Larry Page will be taking over. Everyone give crap to the new guy, OK? source

02 Sep 2010 21:00


Tech: Consumer watchdog group to Google CEO: Don’t be creepy

  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said some pretty weird crap lately. He thinks you should be able to change your name as an adult. He suggests that you shouldn’t say certain things online if you don’t want them to get out there. And it’s got consumer groups pretty concerned. We don’t think Schmidt is anything other than a weird dude, but this clip makes him look like the second incarnation of Chucky from “Child’s Play.” Is it really this bad? Really? source

16 Aug 2010 20:31


Tech: Thanks to Google’s Eric Schmidt, our name is now Jim-Bob

Apparently Schmidt recently suggested that teen may have to change their names as adults to avoid getting nailed for the stupid crap they did. No words … source

01 Apr 2010 09:52


Offbeat: Tit-for-tat: Google makes Topeka’s name their own

  • In fact, Topeka Google Mayor Bill Bunten expressed it best: ‘Don’t be fooled. Even Google recognizes that all roads lead to Kansas, not just yellow brick ones.’
  • Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt • In a post describing the company’s decision to change their name from Google to Topeka. The yearly April Fool’s joke is a homage to Topeka, Kansas, which symbolically changed their name to Google last month in an attempt to become part of the company’s trial super-fast broadband program. On the plus side, at least someone’s called Google still. (In other other news, it’s April Fool’s Day and Justin Bieber isn’t a father.) source

26 Mar 2010 23:28


Tech: Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt have a coffee date; the ‘net freaks

OMG OMG It’s Steve Jobs and the dude from Google! And they’re … drinking … coffee. Don’t they hate each other or something? source