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04 May 2011 17:25


U.S.: Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the new chair of the DNC

  • Democrats get a new boss: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, 44, will likely be approved as the new chair of the Democratic National Committee today, assuming a position vacated by former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. Whether this signals a shift in Democratic Party politics writ large is hard to say, but it bears mentioning that she’s considerably more left-wing than her predecessor. The Florida congresswoman is known for her staunch defenses of Democratic ideals, as well as her fundraising acumen, which figure to be keys to any success Democrats may have in the 2012 elections. source

09 Feb 2011 12:49


U.S.: Jim Webb won’t seek re-election; Virginia Democrats start worrying

  • NO Sen. Jim Webb won’t run for re-election in 2012 source
  • » Why this matters: Webb, a Demcorat, snatched George “Macaca” Allen’s Virginia Senate seat in 2006 by a razor-thin margin. Now, Allen’s running to get his old job back, and had perhaps hoped for a rematch with his past foe. But it ain’t gonna happen, according to a statement released by Webb. Thing is, Democrats don’t have too many other promising Senate prospects in Virginia; their next best bet would probably be DNC chair and former Governor Tim Kaine. But Kaine doesn’t seem to keen on a Senate run, so Democrats may need to either find another viable candidate, or lose Virginia and greet Macaca back into the Senate. Fun fact: Prior to becoming a Senator, Webb helped write the hit 2000 film “Rules of Engagement;” a clue to his future plans, perhaps?

22 Oct 2010 23:25


Politics: Democratic fundraising: Small contributions, big overall haul

  • $17million amount raised for Democrats by the DNC in September
  • 90% portion of which came in amounts of $200 or less source

04 Oct 2010 15:18


Politics: Despite enthusiasm gap, lots of Dems donating to re-election effort

  • $16 million raised by the Democratic National Committee in September
  • 2002 last time the DNC raised this much during the midterms source
  • » The DNC is in charge of re-electing Democrats. Although conventional wisdom says that Democrats are in big trouble this November, that hasn’t stopped them from pulling in record amounts of cash for their national re-election effort. Fun fact: 80% of the money came from low-dollar donors online and through the mail, as opposed to high-priced fund-raising dinners, George Soros, or anti-American communists intent on keeping Obama in power. The Republicans’ counterpart organization, the RNC, has not yet revealed its September totals.

04 Oct 2010 10:31


Politics: Rumor of the day: Robert Gibbs as the next DNC chair?

Why the hell not? The RNC has had a loose cannon as its leader for the last 18 months. Why shouldn’t the DNC have a straight shooter? Wait, what about Tim Kaine? He’s pretty good. source

21 Jun 2010 21:03


Politics: Duh: The DNC takes on Joe Barton’s apology in new attack ad

  • You know, it’s a pretty petty ad. It’s a story big enough that most people know the ebb and flow of the situation. (And there’s no mention of the apology for the apology.) But in all honesty, if the Democratic National Committee hadn’t done something with this, it would’ve been disappointing. It’s almost like a “get out of crisis free” card. Except not really. source

30 Mar 2010 11:06


Politics: Michael Steele and Tim Kaine are like polar opposites

  • RNC Michael Steele, who got elected to the post last year, has made numerous errors, often grabs the spotlight, and is now the subject of questionable spending practices.
  • DNC Kaine, the former Virginia governor appointed to the DNC by Obama, has been called “boring” in his leadership role, but dude runs a tight, scandal-free ship. source

30 Mar 2010 01:12


Politics: RNC vs. DNC: Who spends more on private jets, anyway?

  • $17,514 amount RNC chair Michael Steele and his staff spent on chartering private jets in February alone
  • $0 amount DNC chair Tim Kaine and his staff spent on chartering planes during the whole year so far source
  • » Also, a shout-out: Kudos to The Daily Caller for your handling of this story, which includes far more tawdry, damaging facts than this one, although this is pretty damaging for the RNC. We like the way your journalism rolls.