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14 Apr 2010 10:41


Politics: Sarah Palin’s rider almost as over-the-top as Spinal Tap’s

  • A couple of lucky college kids hit a goldmine. The California State University kids found a copy of the speaking engagement rider for Palin’s June speech at the school sitting in a trash can, and boy, is it amusing. Here are a few highlights:
  • one Option for a private jet. Must be large enough to fit the former governor’s ego.
  • two She must have access to straws that bend, or she totally walks. No bending here.
  • three Questions must be pre-screened. At private events, so must the stupid guests.
  • four Palin needs three hotel rooms. At least one of those must be set aside for her accent.
  • five If Levi Johnston shows up, kick him out. (OK, we made that one up.) source

05 Apr 2010 22:06


Politics: Sarah Palin’s speaking engagements: Pro-alcohol, pro-marijuana?

  • $25,000 to toke her soul, go pro-pot source