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13 Aug 2009 09:37


World: Happy Birthday: Fidel Castro managed to live another year

  • 83 years old; get that man a cigar and a communist nation source

21 May 2009 08:27


Politics, U.S.: Fewer people think Dick Cheney’s a neckless hobbit than before

  • 37% of people have a favorable opinion of the former vice president, who’s been courting controversy lately
  • +8% his favorability rating is still low, but it’s up significantly; the pollsters say it’s because he’s not in office source

18 May 2009 21:08


U.S., World: Ex-prez Bill Clinton has a new gig in Haiti to keep him busy

  • He wants to focus attention on the island nation. Some former presidents would rather play golf or something and live out the final years of their life in ivory-tower-like presidential libraries. But not Bill Clinton. The former prez will be named UN special envoy to Haiti tomorrow. The nation has been struggling to recover from hurricanes last year and is the poorest country in the Americas. So, good on him, not sitting around while Hilary’s being all diplomatic as Secretary of State. source

14 May 2009 08:01


Biz, U.S.: Former treasury secretary Paulson strong-armed the banks

  • If a capital infusion is not appealing, you should be aware that your regulator will require it in any circumstance. We don’t believe it is tenable to opt out because doing so would leave you vulnerable and exposed.
  • Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson • In a one-page memo of talking points prepared for a meeting last October, when he essentially forced the hand of nine banks the Bush administration felt were “central to any solution” to the credit crisis. The situation already sucked enough; did they really need to be strongarmed? • source