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28 Jul 2011 14:45


Politics: Firebrand Rep. Joe Walsh has a pretty big financial problem

  • $117,000 owed in child support source
  • » That’s a lot of money: Walsh, a member of the Tea Party who calls for the country to cut spending and pay its bills, is having trouble paying some of his own, according to a recently filed lawsuit. He’s had other financial troubles, too — he lost a condo in a Chicago suburb to foreclosure, but he eventually got that cleared up. Our question: Should Walsh’s own issues be on the table, considering the way he goes after the government’s fiscal issues?

27 May 2010 21:08


Biz, Tech: Protip: Electric car companies not good for your finances

  • good Elon Musk, the guy who founded Paypal and runs Tesla Motors has a career so storied that the movie “Iron Man 2” is reportedly based on him. He’s kinda like Tony Stark in real life, kids.
  • bad Musk, however, has burned through all of his money trying to get Tesla Motors off the ground (along with a divorce), and he had a lot of it to burn through – over $100 million. source

05 Apr 2010 11:24


Politics: Michael Steele too street-wise to be held back from RNC job

  • When 71 percent of Republicans think you’re a liability for your party, and you’re in charge of raising money for the party, it might be time to consider a different career path. In other news, Steele brought his race into the debate, suggesting that while he had a slim margin of error, “Barack Obama has a slimmer margin than others.” source

04 Apr 2010 23:05


Politics: RNC hires guy with just the right rep to continue their finance fail

  • good The RNC realizes that people aren’t willing to put up with their wasteful strip-club spending, and hire a guy to watch over finances.
  • bad That guy, Neil S. Alpert, was fined $4,000 for improperly spending $37,670 that wasn’t his from two separate PACs. Oops. source

10 Nov 2009 01:19


U.S.: Vice President Joe Biden is a pauper compared to most of Congress

  • $27,000 the Veep’s total net worth source

04 Nov 2009 21:44


Culture: Nicolas Cage is broke, wearing a “will work for food” sandwich board

  • $6.5 million the amount of money Nicolas Cage owes in back taxes; he blames his awful financial advisor
  • bad acting why we think the oddball actor is really in financial ruin. NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES! source