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31 Dec 2010 11:45


Biz: Give it time: Electric cars not really flying off the shelves yet

  • >350 the reported sales of the hopemobile, the Chevy Volt, in December … but it’s kind of a novelty right now
  • >10 the reported sales of the Nissan Leaf in the last two weeks; the odds that Ed Begley Jr. owns one? Even source
  • » It’s not really a demand problem: The issue here is more supply. The cars simply haven’t hit most parts of the country yet, and there are waiting lists 50,000 people long for the electric cars, which are slowly ramping up production and should go nationwide by 2012.

19 Nov 2010 10:47


World: World leaders somehow offended by Obama’s gas-guzzler

Obama’s riding around Libson in this eight-ton diesel-fueled limo, which looks out of place ’cause every other leader is riding around in an electric car. source

27 May 2010 21:08


Biz, Tech: Protip: Electric car companies not good for your finances

  • good Elon Musk, the guy who founded Paypal and runs Tesla Motors has a career so storied that the movie “Iron Man 2” is reportedly based on him. He’s kinda like Tony Stark in real life, kids.
  • bad Musk, however, has burned through all of his money trying to get Tesla Motors off the ground (along with a divorce), and he had a lot of it to burn through – over $100 million. source

17 Feb 2010 20:29


U.S.: Silicon Valley in mourning after death of Tesla Motors workers

  • The future of electric cars may have been on the plane that crashed in this Silicon Valley neighborhood. Three Tesla Motors employees were on board, and they all died. “We are withholding their identities as we work with the relevant authorities to notify the families,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Tesla is a small, tightly knit company, and this is a tragic day for us.” The crash created a huge power outage in the region, which made a horribly depressing situation even worse. source

08 Aug 2009 11:43


Biz: Tesla Motors is looking kinda profitable these days

After spending years as a company where its ambitions meant big losses, Tesla Motors finally turned a $1 million profit. Modest, but a good start. source

05 Aug 2009 10:31


Biz, U.S.: Obama’s looking to build incentive for electric cars in the rust belt

  • $2.4 billion amount of money Obama plans to grant to various companies to push electric vehicle manufacturing
  • eleven grants to make electric vehicles are going to recession-stricken Michigan; seven more are going to Indiana source

19 May 2009 23:05


Biz, Tech: From DaimlerChrysler to DaimlerTesla: Daimler goes electric

  • 10% Daimler’s stake in fledgling electric automaker Tesla source