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16 Jun 2011 00:09


Politics: Sex scandals hurt Republicans more than Democrats

  • -7.7% effect of a sex scandal on the average Republican politician’s vote share
  • -4.9% effect of a sex scandal on the average Democratic politician’s vote share source

25 Feb 2011 14:41


Politics: From “Parker Spitzer” to just “Spitzer”: Kathleen Parker’s out, kids

  • Alright, so who wants to watch “In the Arena”? Mediaite reports that the weirdest relationship on television, CNN’s “Parker Spitzer,” is no longer with a female co-host. The Washington Post columnist will be leaving the show, and the show will be renamed on on Monday. Question of the day: Was Kathleen Parker just an excuse to ease Spitzer into his own show? source

18 Nov 2010 22:42


05 Oct 2010 20:26


Politics: “Parker Spitzer” drops like a bomb onto CNN’s pathetic ratings

  • See that look on Eliot Spitzer’s face? It’s the look of a guy who had a really crappy night. Sure he’s smiling, but that’s because he’s contractually obligated to smile. He knows that if this doesn’t work, he doesn’t have much else to fall back on. (Kathleen Parker should be good no matter what happens, honestly.) Too bad the first-day ratings don’t support his long-term future. The show reached 457,000 last night, far behind every other news channel. Even Nancy Grace beat “Parker Spitzer.” To put this into perspective, the last big premiere at CNN’s 8 p.m. slot, Campbell Brown, drew three times those ratings. Ouch. Good luck, bro. source

01 Oct 2010 20:00


Politics: “Rick’s List” redacted: Rick Sanchez fired from CNN

  • Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well.
  • A statement from CNN • Responding to Rick Sanchez saying that Jon Stewart is a bigot and suggesting that CNN is run by Jews by firing him. He made those comments yesterday on CNN contributor Pete Dominick’s radio show. You think his Twitter followers are gonna save him now? By the way, his timing is pitch-perfect. His 8 p.m. show is going off the air to be replaced by a less-controversial figure: Eliot Spitzer (and, OK, Kathleen Parker). CNN will have to fill out Sanchez’s Twitter-infused 3 p.m. slot, though. Maybe the guy can get a job causing the Elian Gonzalez crisis in Miami again. source

09 Feb 2010 17:26


U.S.: Laughable, scandal-ridden N.Y. Gov. David Paterson isn’t leaving office

Know that George W. Bush sign that says “Miss Me Yet?” Replace Dubya with Eliot Spitzer and we bet most New Yorkers would agree. source

10 Dec 2009 10:57


U.S.: The phoenix of Eliot Spitzer continues to rise in New York state

Give it up to the former New York governor, ensnared in scandal. The current governor says he’d be a good candidate to run for state office again. source

21 Sep 2009 13:25


04 May 2009 12:19


U.S.: New Yorkers are regretting booting Eliot Spitzer out of office

  • 19% of those polled think current governor David Paterson is doing a good job source