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23 Jul 2010 23:42


Politics: Rick Sanchez’s journalistic high horse rings hollow to South Florida

  • One thing you may not know about Rick Sanchez is, before he became the iconic anchor who obsessed over finding interesting tweets, he was a longtime if-it-bleeds-it-leads-style anchor in South Florida, often focusing on the most lurid, ratings-grab stories he could find – which reportedly hit a peak during the overblown Elian Gonzalez era. At least thats how Broward-Palm Beach New Times puts it. So, the irony of him talking about journalistic integrity, as he does in the Fox News-chiding clip above, is a little striking to folks in the Miami area. (Thanks Billy Wachsberger) source

01 Jul 2010 10:23


World: Cuban cause celebré Elian Gonzalez: Thanks for the help, America!

  • Thanks to the help of a big part of the American people and of our people, today I’m with my father, and that is everything.
  • Elian Gonzalez • Looking back on that crazy raid that defined U.S./Cuba diplomatic relations about a decade ago. Seriously, it holds a place next to the Terri Schiavo case in terms of complete worse-than-it-needed-to-be theatrics. Gonzalez, now 16, is studying to become a Cuban military officer. Julius was considering a similar career path, except he doesn’t live in a communist regime. source

05 Apr 2010 23:14


World: Elian Gonzalez (remember him?) on the Che Guevara path to fame

In the movie bound to be made about this hard-fought-for Cuban kid’s life, Shia LaBeouf needs to play the lead. Gotta love communism! source