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22 Aug 2010 10:21


World: Pakistan getting the flood help it needs, at least financially

  • $800 million in aid from the rest of the world so far source

18 Jun 2010 22:27


World: Kyrgyzstan conflict: Holy crap, there’s a lot of people who need help

  • 1M number of people directly affected by the ethnic conflict
  • 191 number of people killed in the conflict since it started last week
  • $65M the amount of help the UN is trying to get the country source

31 Mar 2010 23:14


World: Haiti help: The international community should be proud of itself

  • $9.9 billion to help the quake-rocked nation recover source

31 Jan 2010 09:55


World: Maybe driving children out of Haiti on a bus is a stupid idea

  • 33 Haitian children were on the bus headed to the Dominican Republic without passports
  • 10 people were arrested and detained for “child trafficking” in the bus incident
  • help what the members of New Life Children’s Refuge say they were trying to do source

30 Jan 2010 10:37


U.S., World: Haiti’s most in-need patients can’t go to the U.S. anymore

  • Florida stands ready to assist our neighbors in Haiti, but we need a plan of action and reimbursement for the care we are providing.
  • Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s spokesperson, Sterling Ivey • Regarding the governor’s push for the U.S. to end airlifts from Haiti due to the fact they’re not getting paid. These airlifts, which were for critically-injured patients, were costing the Florida government millions – and they weren’t even the only state doing them! The military claims they ended the airlifts because the hospitals stopped accepting patients. This is bad all around. source

29 Jan 2010 09:48


World: Bill Gates has a nice little gift to offer the third world

  • $10 billion to make vaccines over the next ten years source

15 Jan 2010 22:16


U.S., World: Haitians illegally in the U.S. can stay here for a little while

  • 18 months of buffer room granted for Haitians by Obama source

15 Jan 2010 22:07


World: In Haiti, desperation quickly grows among the survivors

Aid is slow to come in, and reports of looting have gone up significantly. The UN’s help is anemic compared to the need: 8,000 fed, 3 million hungry. source

15 Jan 2010 08:17


World: The current status of Haiti: Help needed, but tough to send

  • 50,000 are said to have died in the quake
  • Help is on its way President Barack Obama and many other world leaders have promised help to the devastated country, whose largest city was leveled by the 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday evening. But huge bottlenecks are preventing help from reaching those in need.
  • major bottlenecks Among other things, the U.S. has placed its own air traffic controllers in the Port-Au-Prince airport to help ease the burdens. But a lack of fuel is creating a clog of planes that have no way to get off the tarmac. It’s having a deadly effect on survivors.
  • “Angry and impatient” Haitians in desperate need of food and water are stuck in an awful purgatory as a result. “We hear on the radio that rescue teams are coming from the outside, but nothing is coming,” said survivor Jean-Baptiste Lafontin Wilfried. source

13 Jan 2010 09:40


World: Haiti is screwed and they need as much aid as they can get

  • 3 million people were affected by yesterday’s quake, according to the International Red Cross
  • 3,000 the number of families their supplies can assist; more help is coming today source