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02 May 2011 01:12


Politics: President Obama reassures American Muslims: ‘no war on Islam’

  • I’ve made clear, just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; he was a mass murderer of Muslims. Indeed, al Qaeda has slaughtered scores of Muslims in many countries, including our own. So his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity.
  • President Barack Obama • In his speech tonight, announcing that a U.S. special operation had killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The President takes a very good tact here in distancing bin Laden and his organization from the Muslim community writ large. His reminder that bin Laden had himself killed many Muslims in service of his terror campaigns (and within our nation, as well, with many Muslims killed on 9/11) is an important one, too often lost in recent politicking. Even amidst what looks like broad jubilation domestically at the news, it’s important to keep the celebrating a positive thing, not something that turns at all ugly on our Muslim brethren. The President clearly wanted to short circuit that, as best he could, by emphasizing solidarity. source

28 Feb 2011 14:21


U.S.: Frank Buckles, last living American to serve in WWI, has died

  • Here’s to you, sir: America’s last living man to have served in World War I has died. Frank Buckles, born February 1st, 1901, not only served in the first World War (where he fervently wanted to be on the front lines, but never made it), but also survived three years of imprisonment in a Japanese camp, captured while working for a U.S. shipping company just weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor. What benefits did he receive for his service to his country? According to him, he received free membership at the YMCA. That’s all. Frank Buckles was 110 years old. source

10 Feb 2011 22:21


World: What’s happening in Egypt, though an American’s words

  • What Americans should fear is the possibility of an increasingly illegitimate regime continuing to control one of the most strategically important countries in the Mideast.
  • Phoenix resident Max Mattern • In an article talking about his time in Egypt in the wake of the recent protests. Mattern was there studying as a Fulbright scholar, but the situation in the country has complicated those plans and put him in the middle of a major crisis zone. Mattern, writing in a piece for the Arizona Republic, says that the people of Egypt want change, but the protests are taking a lot out of them. “Although a sizable majority dislikes Mubarak and his policies,” he writes. “after a week of fear and violence they have had enough.” Mattern says that the protesters are sincere and have no evil plots to bring theocracy to the society. The current regime, however, troubles them. (thanks missmaestra, who has been covering her friend’s situation on Tumblr) source

09 Dec 2009 21:31


World: Lost and found: A bunch of Americans in Pakistan for some reason

  • 5 Americans went to Pakistan and are now suspected of terrorism source

08 Dec 2009 09:40


U.S., World: An American reportedly planned the Mumbai attacks

  • You might as well be telling me my nephew is being charged with 9/11. That’s like pouring cold water inside me. He’s been in trouble before, but we thought something like this was beyond his character.
  • William Headley • Describing his reaction to the allegations that his son, David Headley of Chicago, was involved in plotting the attacks in Mumbai last year. The attack killed 163, left the Indian capital in a sea of fear for days, and damaged relations between India and Pakistan. Headley was arrested in October for a plot to bomb a Danish newspaper that printed a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad – an incident you might remember angered many in the Muslim world. source

12 Nov 2009 21:18


U.S., World: Whatever the “Alavi Foundation” is, Iran, the U.S. doesn’t like it

  • For two decades, the Alavi Foundation’s affairs have been directed by various Iranian officials, including Iranian ambassadors to the United Nations, in violation of a series of American laws.
  • U.S. attorney Preet Bharara • On the ownership of mosques, skyscrapers and other buildings by the Alavi Foundation. The U.S. siezed these buildings, claiming they were a front for the Iranian government. The tenets and occupants of the properties are safe, and they’re not getting kicked out; it’s the owner who is screwed. This ought to make that whole nuclear deal easier to pull off. • source

28 Oct 2009 19:55


U.S., World: Pakistan has lots of American help to topple the Taliban

  • 150 people the number of American Special Forces soldiers and support personnel are helping Pakistan – a number that’s doubled in the last eight months
  • $1.5 billion has been given to Pakisan by the U.S. this year – a number the country is trying to keep under wraps due to strong anti-American sentiment in the region source

29 Sep 2009 22:20


U.S., World: It’s finally official, guys: Canada is now a part of the U.S.

  • For the stimulus plan, “Buy American” can mean Canada, too. The White House will reportedly exempt our neighbors up north from the stimulus provision which favors buying American-made products. It had become a sore spot in Canuck-American trade relations, eh? source

04 Aug 2009 01:05


U.S., World: Currently playing diplomat in North Korea: Bill Clinton

  • Dude’s trying to get Laura Ling and Euna Lee released. Ex-president Bill Clinton, who’s kept busy since he left office, touched down in North Korea today in hopes of easing a major diplomatic crisis and freeing his old understudy’s reporters. Ling and Lee both work for Current TV, which is run in part by Clinton’s former vice president, Al Gore. While one could reasonably assume a deal’s in place for the release of the journalists considering who’s stopping by, nothing has been announced yet. source

01 Aug 2009 14:04


U.S., World: A bunch of Americans got on the wrong side of Iran’s border

  • 3 backpackers were arrested trying to cross Iran’s border today source