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10 Feb 2011 22:21


World: What’s happening in Egypt, though an American’s words

  • What Americans should fear is the possibility of an increasingly illegitimate regime continuing to control one of the most strategically important countries in the Mideast.
  • Phoenix resident Max Mattern • In an article talking about his time in Egypt in the wake of the recent protests. Mattern was there studying as a Fulbright scholar, but the situation in the country has complicated those plans and put him in the middle of a major crisis zone. Mattern, writing in a piece for the Arizona Republic, says that the people of Egypt want change, but the protests are taking a lot out of them. “Although a sizable majority dislikes Mubarak and his policies,” he writes. “after a week of fear and violence they have had enough.” Mattern says that the protesters are sincere and have no evil plots to bring theocracy to the society. The current regime, however, troubles them. (thanks missmaestra, who has been covering her friend’s situation on Tumblr) source

09 Mar 2010 13:28


Politics: Is the runaway Prius story getting a tad bit overhyped?

  • No one was hurt. But we have a new instant celebrity. When what we really need is to put the brakes on out-of-whack priorities.
  • MarketWatch assistant managing editor Steve Kerch • Regarding the runaway Toyota Prius story getting lots of attention. He prefaces this story by noting a recent car crash in Chicago that killed four young women but got no national press coverage. “As the circus grows around every little Toyota engine burp,” Kerch notes, “turn a thought to those four women. It’ll help you keep your perspective on true tragedy.” Well-put. source

10 Mar 2009 01:52


Offbeat: You know how much a trillion bucks is worth. Here’s what it looks like.

That little guy in the corner has the worst job ever. He has to count all the $100 bills. source