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28 Jun 2010 22:19


Music: Hate someone? Buy them the “Nickelback Revenge” iPhone app

  • Yeah, yeah, we know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t listening to Nickelback revenge enough on its own? Why do I have to buy an iPhone app to suffer further revenge at the hands of Nickelback?” And to that, we say, yeah, we know. We agree. Which is why we suggest buying “Nickelback Revenge” not to punish yourself, but other people. Hate your ex-girlfriend? Annoying former friend won’t leave you alone? Buy them this app. That’ll solve the problem. source

28 Jun 2010 22:03


U.S., World: Russian spies! Intrigue! Is this the Cold War or something?

  • It’s right out of a John le Carré novel. It will interesting to see how it plays out next couple of days and weeks from an international point of view and law enforcement point of view.
  • Former US attorney Stan Twardy • Describing the events that led to the U.S. arrest of ten reported Russian spies. You know, spies from one of our allies. What’s funny is that Obama was hanging out at Ray’s Hell Burger with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, the FBI was very close to catching the spies – some of whom had been in the U.S. for a long time. (Disclosure: Julius is a spy. And since we’re disclosing it, a not very good one.) source

28 Jun 2010 21:42


U.S.: After Rolling Stone, what’s Stanley McChrystal’s next move?

  • NONE bro’s retiring from the Army, of course source

28 Jun 2010 21:36


U.S.: Oil spill: A lot of people (especially workers) are getting sick

  • 162 cases of illness due to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster
  • 128 are oil rig workers or assisting in the spill’s cleanup source
  • » What did they get? The most common illnesses were things like throat irritation, shortness of breath, cough, eye irritation, nausea and headaches – considering all the oil around, this seems totally understandable.

28 Jun 2010 21:20


World: G20 summit: It’s like violent protests, except for hipsters

  • We think we figured out where Tobias Funke went after “Arrested Development” ended. He went to go protest in Toronto with a bunch of hipsters. source

28 Jun 2010 21:10


Politics: Dave Weigel: Proof that people can land on their feet quickly

  • thursday A bunch of the Washington Post blogger’s right-trashing JournoList messages are leaked.
  • friday Weigel, who blogged about conservatives, dramatically resigns from the Post.
  • mondayKeith Olbermann reports that Weigel was hired by MSNBC. Perfect fit, am I rite? source

28 Jun 2010 20:49


Culture: Steve Carell’s “Office” exit: An immensely key point to make

Today seems like a good day to remind everyone that Steve Carell HAS NEVER WON AN EMMY.Mon Jun 28 21:42:20 via web

  • This guy knows the score. Steve Carell totally deserves Emmy love for a show he’s truly made memorable. It’s actually kind of a crime he hasn’t won one. Whoever is holding Carell back from this, destite his massive TV and film fame, get on it. In other news, yeah, the show will likely go on without Carell (barring a massive dip in the ratings or Dwight going crazy). source

28 Jun 2010 20:29


28 Jun 2010 12:02


U.S.: Gun rights: Key points of today’s Supreme Court ruling

  • one The ruling strikes down a strict Chicago ordinance that didn’t even allow guns at home.
  • two The ruling is broad, and  says the Second Amendment is valid at state and local levels.
  • three The ruling had an even 5-4 split between conservative and liberal-leaning judges. source

28 Jun 2010 09:35


Biz: Could BP’s embattled top exec, Tony Hayward, resign soon?

  • yes Russia’s top energy official is saying that he’s expecting Hayward’s resignation as soon as today.
  • no The London-based company is denying the reports, saying that Hayward’s job is safe. source