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09 Jan 2012 10:27


World: American charged with “spying” sentenced to death in Iran

  • He has 20 days to appeal under Iranian law: Amir Hekmati, a 28-year-old former U.S. Marine who holds dual Iranian and American citizenship, was sentenced to death “for cooperating with the hostile country . . . and spying for the CIA,” according to Iran’s Fars news agency. His family disputes the claims, saying they believe the verdict wasn’t fair. “Amir is not a criminal,” they said in a statement. “His life is being exploited for political gain.” source

31 Dec 2010 11:26


World: Anna Chapman: The undeniably hot, female Vladimir Putin

  • In general, I am a very good shot. I have a passion for it.
  • Russian spy Anna Chapman • Expressing her love of shooting. Based on a recent interview she did with the Russian talk show “Let Them Speak,” she’s well on her way to becoming the hot female Vladimir Putin. She even has her own lion cub! Russian culture = impenetrable. source

18 Jul 2010 10:07


World: Iranian scientist: The U.S. wanted to trade me for those hikers

  • Remember the Russian spy swap? Imagine an Iranian version. While Shahram Amiri sticks by his story that he was held by U.S. agents for over a year, this little detail stands out. Amiri reportedly was going to be used as a bargaining chip to get back hikers Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd, and Josh Fattal, who were captured by Iran about a year ago after hiking in the wrong place. If that’s true, it adds a new layer to the bizarre story. source

08 Jul 2010 08:56


U.S., World: Russia and the U.S. all ready to exchange some spies!

  • If at last he is freed — not in the way we wanted, because we wanted him to restore his good name, but it is difficult to do it given our judicial system — at least he will be freed in this way. If he leaves today, it will happen quietly.
  • Lawyer Anna Stavitskaya • Regarding her client, Russian scientist Igor V. Sutyagin, and his possible pending release as soon as today. The scientist, currently being held for treason in Russia, will be reportedly exchanged for ten reported Russian spies as part of a prisoner swap. The U.S. and Russia have neither confirmed nor denied it, although it’s been widely reported and Stavitskaya says Sutyagin verbally agreed to the exchange. source

02 Jul 2010 11:18


U.S., World: Anna Chapman’s husband: The spy who loved me ditched me

The former husband of Anna Chapman, left, says that she went from carefree to materialistic and met with a lot of Russian dudes. It was weird. source

30 Jun 2010 11:01


U.S.: New Russian spies more boring, hotter than Cold War-era spies

  • Gotta love Russian spies. Especially spies who grow lettuce in their gardens. And raise kids. And do things that normal families would do. And one femme fatale, Anna Chapman (can’t forget about her). We’re pretty sure she’s the redhead on the left. source

28 Jun 2010 22:03


U.S., World: Russian spies! Intrigue! Is this the Cold War or something?

  • It’s right out of a John le Carré novel. It will interesting to see how it plays out next couple of days and weeks from an international point of view and law enforcement point of view.
  • Former US attorney Stan Twardy • Describing the events that led to the U.S. arrest of ten reported Russian spies. You know, spies from one of our allies. What’s funny is that Obama was hanging out at Ray’s Hell Burger with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, the FBI was very close to catching the spies – some of whom had been in the U.S. for a long time. (Disclosure: Julius is a spy. And since we’re disclosing it, a not very good one.) source

01 Feb 2009 17:00


Offbeat, Tech: Spies. Intrigue. Espionage. In Redmond. At Microsoft.

  • Microsoft claims someone stole their ideas. MS claims that the CEO of a nearby corporation, Ancora Technologies, lied about being a former employee of Ancora when he was hired at the Windows-and-Xbox-and-Zune-pushing company in 2005. Ancora still existed, and Miki Mullor apparently took confidential documents for his company’s own benefit. Which is probably the coolest thing to ever happen at Microsoft. And that includes Songsmith. (Note: This case was settled in November. Read more here.) source