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18 Aug 2010 19:59


28 Jun 2010 21:10


Politics: Dave Weigel: Proof that people can land on their feet quickly

  • thursday A bunch of the Washington Post blogger’s right-trashing JournoList messages are leaked.
  • friday Weigel, who blogged about conservatives, dramatically resigns from the Post.
  • mondayKeith Olbermann reports that Weigel was hired by MSNBC. Perfect fit, am I rite? source

28 Jun 2010 20:49


Culture: Steve Carell’s “Office” exit: An immensely key point to make

Today seems like a good day to remind everyone that Steve Carell HAS NEVER WON AN EMMY.Mon Jun 28 21:42:20 via web

  • This guy knows the score. Steve Carell totally deserves Emmy love for a show he’s truly made memorable. It’s actually kind of a crime he hasn’t won one. Whoever is holding Carell back from this, destite his massive TV and film fame, get on it. In other news, yeah, the show will likely go on without Carell (barring a massive dip in the ratings or Dwight going crazy). source

25 May 2010 22:26


Tech: Microsoft loses two top geniuses who could stop hemorrhaging

  • The two dudes knocked out helped make the Xbox a hit. Robbie Bach and J Allard were two of the smartest guys working for Microsoft, and both left the company today in that much-hated method of change called corporate restructuring. Bach is retiring and Allard is quitting. While both claim that they’re simply moving on, it’s not a good sign for Microsoft, which, while still greatly profitable, is now playing catch-up in most of the categories it competes. Especially mobile. source

13 Mar 2010 11:24


Tech, World: What are the odds that Google will leave China, anyway?

  • 99.9% that’s a lot of nines, guys source

19 Jan 2010 10:39


World: Scared Haitians: We gotta get the hell out of Port-au-Prince

People are trying to leave en masse, but one place they can’t go is the U.S. The Coast Guard plans to turn away anyone caught trying to land in Florida. source

23 Dec 2009 13:33


U.S.: With no housing boom, people are leaving Florida and other states

  • What we have is a decade of a roller coaster in terms of migration. If you look at the middle part of this decade, Florida led the country in net domestic migration. Now it’s in the negative part of the ledger.
  • Brookings Institution demographer William H. Frey • Discussing how states experiencing huge growth during the housing boom – specifically Florida, but a few others too – have had people leaving en masse after the financial crisis dried up housing. Despite this, there is some silver lining to be found – the numbers mean that these states will be eligible for more political representation after the 2010 census. source

24 Nov 2009 23:29


U.S.: Not a good month to be an Obama staffer tied to Gitmo

  • first Gregory Craig, who was in charge of policy for detainees, left the White House. Time has a great article about his downfall here.
  • second Phillip Carter, a Defense Department official in charge of closing Guantanamo, resigned for “personal reasons.” Hmm. source

19 Nov 2009 20:05


Culture: Oprah just left a gaping hole in many local network schedules

  • We have the greatest respect for Oprah and wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors. We know that anything she turns her hand to will be a great success. We look forward to working with her for the next several years, and hopefully afterwards as well.
  • A statement by CBS Television Distribution • Regarding Oprah’s decision to leave her generation-old institution of a talk show behind. It probably has something to do with the launch of “OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network,” a joint venture between her studio, Harpo, and Discovery Communications. The network is planned to start up She’s leaving her show in September of that year. And the broadcast industry weeps for the loss of one of its own. • source

11 Nov 2009 19:26