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07 Nov 2009 23:56


Politics: So, why did Joseph Cao vote yes? The abortion amendment.

  • A rare politician that doesn’t care about partisanship. Kudos. Joseph Cao may face harsh criticism from the right on his vote, but he’s fully behind it. On his site, he writes: “I have always said that I would put aside partisan wrangling to do the business of the people.” The turning point for him? The amendment blocking federal funding of abortions with the health care bill. A loss for pro-choice advocates, but a huge win for health care supporters in general. source

07 Nov 2009 23:40


Politics: Wikipedia moves faster on Joseph Cao than everyone else

  • When you Google Joseph Cao, the text that comes up in the search says, ‘Joseph Cao has no family. He was born of Satan and lost a soul the day he voted against republicans. Cao’s father, My Quang Cao (born 1931), …’
  • An unsigned Wikipedia comment on the Joseph Cao talk page • Noting the speed at which his page was updated to come across as an evil liberal-supporting spawn of Satan. We hope that Mr. Cao threw baseballs around with his satanic father every once in a while. (Via @andrewottoson) • source

07 Nov 2009 23:30


U.S.: Likely to get tarred & feathered soon: Joseph Cao of Louisiana

Joseph Cao is cruisin’ for a brusin’ as the only Republican to vote in favor of the House bill. Barricade yourself in a room man. They’re coming. source

07 Nov 2009 23:14


U.S.: BREAKING: The House has passed the health care bill!

  • 220 votes in favor of passing health care in the House; big deal!

07 Nov 2009 21:43


07 Nov 2009 21:32


U.S.: Is the Fort Hood shooter linked to a larger terrorist plot?

  • NO he’s not, based on an early background check source

07 Nov 2009 18:58


Music: Saturday Mixtape: Taking in the possible death of Aerosmith

But, but … how? Why now? Aerosmith has been together almost 40 years, and had two solid, strong stretches of success. There were a few years in the early '80s where it seemed like the band was done. But they came back. Now? Well, Steven Tyler wants to do a solo album, and the band's considering going on without him. WHAT!? Without him? We have no words for such a strange ending for an always-there band. So anyway, this week's mixtape focuses on what we want to remember for one of classic rock's iconic bands.
  • The playlist
  • On the songs Aerosmith is a defining, iconic rock band for two separate generations – those from the ’70s and those from the ’90s. Despite the band’s diminishing returns in recent years, they were an impressive singles band with at least a dozen genuine classics to their name (and megahit “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” which isn’t one of them). They’ve given into commercial schlock before, but when they stick to their bluesy rock roots, they rank as one of the best bands of the rock era. It’d be sad to see them break up. source

07 Nov 2009 17:29


07 Nov 2009 17:09


U.S.: A big night for health care, complete with an Obama pep talk

  • I am absolutely confident that you guys will get this done. I am absolutely confident that when I sign this bill in the Rose Garden, each and every one of you will be able to look back and say, ‘This was my finest moment in politics.’
  • President Barack Obama • Speaking about the health care bill to Democrats, who he urged to do everything in their power to pass the bill. After a key hurdle was It gets voted on tonight in the House. The Senate, where they doesn’t have 60 votes, will be tougher. • source

07 Nov 2009 14:32


Culture: Nerds freak out over a “Star Wars” Princess Leia bikini photo

  • On the left: Carrie Fisher. On the right: Her stunt double, who apparently was Paul Rudd. The year: 1983. The scene: Two bikini-clad “Star Wars” characters on the set of “Return of the Jedi,” sunbathing. This is the closest to nudity our blog has ever gotten.source