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31 Mar 2011 15:53


World: France may not wait for IAEA on nuclear safety

  • France may preempt IAEA summit: President Nicolas Sarkozy wants G20 nuclear industry officials to come to Paris in May to discuss safety issues. This might rankle the United Nations, as such an event would preempt the IAEA’s summit in Vienna, planned for June. The IAEA lacks the power to force action on its recommendations, which is why nations like France may not want to wait for the U.N. body. “I suspect that this will not be appreciated on the 28th floor,” said a diplomat, referring to the office of IAEA Director General Yukiyo Amano. source

28 Mar 2011 15:58


World: IAEA chief calls for safety review in Vienna

  • YES the IAEA chief has called a nuclear safety summit source
  • » Clarifying the lessons learned? Yukiyo Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has called a nuclear safety summit in Vienna. He wants all hands on deck for this, with ministers from all 151 member states in attendance. It’s an obvious move, and frankly it would be hard for the IAEA to have claimed much credibility if they had failed to do something like this. That said, this is a worthwhile reminder that safety reviews are always better early than late.

27 Jun 2010 20:26


World: Obama’s liberal spending policies find few friends at G20

  • yes A deal was reached at the G20 summit earlier today in Toronto, temporary home to hundreds of capitalism-hating anarchists.
  • no Obama couldn’t convince other world powers to focus on stimulus spending over deficit-cutting. Hey, just like Congress! source

23 Feb 2010 20:42


Politics: Health care summit: Everyone’s obsessing over the furniture

  • Because, honestly, that’s the big issue on everyone’s mind. Perhaps it’s a symbol of how much is riding on Thursday’s health care summit at the White House that it’s even even an issue, but Congress is having a hissy fit over the layout of room. “We’re not going to have members [of Congress] sitting in staff seats,” said one aide over the idea of legislators sitting at “the kiddie table.” Harry Reid’s aide compared the fracas to the interior design diplomacy that took place during the Paris peace talks near the end of the Vietnam War. We swear this isn’t an Onion story. source

22 Feb 2010 10:18


U.S.: Get ready to sink your teeth into health care again – for the first time

  • Admit it, you’ve been waiting for this moment all morning. Obama’s got a health care plan for everyone to dig into at length, and a fresh Monday morning is as good a time as any to sink one’s teeth into health care. Reuters has the details if you don’t want to dig in, but let’s put it this way: This is put together as if bro wants to get it passed. ‘Nuff said. source

07 Feb 2010 19:29


U.S.: A Super Bowl for policy wonks: Left vs. Right, in Obama’s house

  • Get yo popcorn ready! Today, during a pre-Super Bowl interview on CBS, Obama said that on Feb. 25, he would be hosting a live, televised debate for Republicans and Democrats to work out their differences on health care. In the White House. “If we can go step by step through a series of these issues and arrive at some agreements, there’s no reason we can’t do this faster than it took last year,” he said. Maybe so, but man, we can’t wait to watch this. The Q&A with the Republicans? Just a warm-up. source

18 Dec 2009 15:24


Music, World: Thom Yorke: “Our leaders are fully aware they are in disgrace”

  • obama said nothing though i have not seen all the speech yet. i feel very sad for all americans i know who hold so much hope for this man. still.. i guess the day isnt over. its 3pm on friday ( though it should have finished by now). and our leaders are fully aware they are in disgrace.
  • Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke • In a report on the climate change conference in Copenhagen. Our boy got a press pass and got to see it all from the inside, rather than the view that protesters got from the outside. When you’ve lost the lead singer of Radiohead, you’ve lost the indie kids. source

12 Nov 2009 10:40


U.S.: Unemployment sucks. Obama’s reacting. Time for a jobs summit!

  • Is that kind of like a job fair? Feeling the pressure of a 10.2% unemployment rate and facing criticism that his policies aren’t creating jobs, Obama is trying something new. A jobs summit. Just bring your resume to the White House this December, and Obama finds you a job, personally. (Make sure you’re wearing a nice suit – no suit, no job.) That’s how it works, right? source

25 Sep 2009 09:57


U.S., World: J’accuse! Obama and his buddies gang up on Iran at G20

This is the most bizarre gang ever. But more power to Obama, Sarkozy and Brown for being willing to take on Iran sharply on that nuclear plant. source

10 Aug 2009 21:22


U.S., World: Barack Obama puts immigration on the backburner for later

  • Now, am I going to be able to snap my fingers and get this done? No. But ultimately, I think the American people want fairness. And we can create a system in which you have strong border security and an orderly process for people to come in.
  • President Barack Obama • Discussing immigration reform in Mexico during a summit with Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He can’t really focus too much on it now – “I’ve got a lot on my plate,” he admitted – but hopes to improve the process for everyone overall. For some conservatives who have made a game out of criticizing illegal immigration, it can’t come soon enough. (On the plus side, they’re busy complaining about health care reform.) • source