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12 Jan 2012 14:54


World: Foxconn workers threaten mass suicide over severance pay

  • Taking “strike” to a whole new level: It’s been reported that workers at Foxconn’s factory in Wuhan, China (where they make those XBOX 360s we’re all so fond of) were so incensed over an alleged reneging by the company on severance pay, as well as a factory closure, that they issued a dire ultimatum: meet our demands, or face a mass suicide. The workers (estimates vary from 80 to 200) didn’t go through with the threat, mercifully, as Foxconn apparently placated their demands. Foxconn’s factories and dormitories have seen suicides before, infamously forcing the installation of safety nets around windows. source

30 Nov 2011 20:36


World: Scotland’s public sector strikes over pensions

  • It’s estimated that 300,000 people participated in the public sector strike in Scotland today, an action in protest of proposed changes to the state’s pension system which could force workers to pay in at a higher rate, and work more years before reaching retirement.  source

10 Mar 2011 14:39


U.S.: Ohio Gov. John Kasich would like you to know he can crush unions too

  • Wisconsin As anybody with an even mild interest in politics now knows, Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget” bill is not about the budget, so much as it’s a duplicitous effort to crush public unions at seemingly any political price. Police and firefighters, being somewhat harder to scapegoat than teachers, are exempt.
  • Ohio Don’t look now, but Gov. John Kasich is the mega-Walker. The newly elected Republican (and former Bill O’Reilly fill-in host) has an even more draconian hope for unions, stripping broad bargaining rights (like health care), and even disallowing strikes. Oh, and no free pass for police or firefighters. source

09 Jan 2010 20:32


U.S.: A big earthquake just struck off the California coast

  • 6.5 on the Richter scale – it hit around 4:30 p.m. PST source

29 Dec 2009 21:06


U.S., World: New Year’s fireworks: U.S. could strike back in Yemen. WHOO!

  • why? Because al-Qaeda’s new loft is in sunny Yemen, where the unemployment is high and the government is weak.
  • plans Right now, the U.S. is reportedly looking at targets, biding their time until Obama gives the OK. Get yo popcorn ready! source

03 Nov 2009 10:26


03 Nov 2009 08:47


U.S.: Thanks to a transit strike, it’s always hard to get around in Philadelphia

  • 5,500 SEPTA workers are on strike in Philly, which means no bus or train service for you this sunny morning source

08 Oct 2009 09:11


World: The Royal Mail is makes a really good argument for e-mail

The postal service in the U.K. has widespread support for a strike. It’s bad enough that Amazon has a backup plan in case they do strike. source

16 Aug 2009 22:39


U.S.: BART decides not to strike; Lisa still holding out for more

  • Bay Area, your commutes are safe once again! After some last-minute wheeling and dealing between negotiators, one of the largest mass-transit systems in the country, BART, has a deal with the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555, meaning its 865 (or so) workers won’t strike and BART’s 300,000 riders can go another day without riding in a car if they so choose. If the agreement wasn’t made, they would have gone on strike tomorrow. source